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Sep 2, 2008 01:26 PM

Any Uniquely Decorated Chinese Restaurant in T.O?

I am new to Toronto, but currently looking for a restaurant to host my reception for 30 - 50 people. I know there are a lot of banquet style chinese restaurants there, but I would like to find out if there is one that is traditionally decorated with a lot of characters to it? Some Chinese version of "Sultan's Tent" ( would be nice.

Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks....

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  1. The only suggetion I can come up with is Cynthias, in Thornhill. The restaurant itself is not decorated all that "traditionally" but the staff all where fancy old fasioned costumes. Its also a little more upscale than most chinese places, and the food is quite good.

    1. China House on Eglinton just west of Bathurst. Looks like a nightclub in an old Charlie Chan movie with ancient waiters in red jackets. There's even a bridge and a tree "growing" in the main room. Authentic mainland Chinese that you'd find in Markham? Hardly. But if its archetypal ambiance you want, this is the place. And the food's actually pretty good and not expensive at all. Retro Canadian Chinese.

      Here's the outside:

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        Haven't been in the mall in over a year...but at Hwy7/Chalmers (NW corner) there was a resto that was kitted out all in RED and oriental decor...reminded me of Shaghai Tang. Cantonese food (very good we thought).

        I think it was called Full House or ChoiFungToi (cantonese name)...perhaps one of the resident experts on Canto will know of the spot...and perhaps have more to say on the food recently. (Charles? skyline? bokchoi? Royaljelly?...)