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Sep 2, 2008 01:20 PM

8 foodie colleagues in town...where to eat?

Hi there-

I have colleagues coming in for a meeting next week and I'm in charge of dinner plans. Where should we go?

We're looking for something with terrific food, fun/cool vibe- nothing stuffy/pretentious.

With liquor/wine (decent drinkers), probably about $100 per head.

Our office is on 5th ave/12th street and we can stick around here or head downtown?

I need suggestions for Wednesday night and Thursday night!

Thanks so much

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    1. peasant, scarpetta, prune, spotted pig.
      tons more.

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      1. re: steve h.

        Thanks for your recommendations. I can't wait to go to Prune on my own.
        I've made reservations at Lupa and Hearth- any feedback? Thanks again

        1. re: Rascal21

          hi rascal,
          i tried responding earlier but the bits failed to byte.

          anyway, lupa is a great restaurant for eight. dine family style (plates in the middle, everybody shares) and graze through the bulk of the menu. don't forget the wine!

      2. Blue Ribbon Brasserie. Balthazar.

        1. Hearth is a great choice. I would also look into Blue Hill.