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Sep 2, 2008 01:13 PM

David Burke Prime at Foxwoods for brunch

Has anyone tried this brunch? We've attended the Champagne brunch at Mohegan Sun's Pompeii & Caesar's and are trying to determine which is better.

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  1. DH and I had brunch at DB Prime this past weekend. I've been a big fan of Prime at Foxwooks but had never been there for brunch. You pick from an established menu of both breakfast and lunch foods. I had the french toast, very buttery, with a nice crunch. The apmosphere at Prime is very nice - laid back, not at all "stuffy sterakhouse" service, as always was top notch.

    I've never been dissapointed at DB Prime at Foxwoods - IMHO a better value and selection than Craftsteak!

    1. David Burke's now has a Sunday buffet brunch at Foxwoods. Has anyone been?