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Sep 2, 2008 01:05 PM

Fat Fish in West Hollywood *terrible*

My boyfriend and I have been planning a sushi chow down forever and we finally got to it last Saturday night. After some research we decided to check out Fat Fish in West Hollywood. This place ruined my sushi throw down and was a huge disappointment!

The food
Not bad, but not good either, way too expensive for what you get. We ordered a crunch salad (with two types of crunchies) and all the stuff on it tasted extremely stale and the greens were very warm. What really got me was the rolls were huge, like too big to fit in my mouth, or even eat in a couple of bites. I found this incredibly frustrating as eating a California rolls was like, one bite of all cucumber, then picking pieces of crab and avocado off my plate.

The Service
OMG I've never been so insulted. We sat at the sushi bar so we didn't have to rely on the waiter too much, and thank God for that. he took our drink and appetizer order. We stuck with water and ordered a bottle of sake and salad. After we were halfway through our 4th roll he comes over and says "I'll get your bottle of sake now" we kindly replied "we're almost done, no thank you" to which he said "Oh...OK!" and just walked off, no apology or anything! So we decided on one more roll, and I decided I wanted a beer, and asked our waiter for it. I then watched him serve drinks to every other table, and then sit down at the end of the bar and talk with his friends. Finally I got so fed up I shot him a look and he brought out, not a bottle of beer, but a LARGE beer. He didn't even ask me what size I wanted. I'm 120 pounds what am I gonna do with a 24 oz beer to myself!?

please spread the word, DO NOT EAT AT FAT FISH!!!

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  1. Carly, that big bottle is traditional at sushi places. 633 ml, IIRC. You share, and pour the other person's drink and he reciprocates.

    I may be a fuddy-duddy, but I wouldn't expect much from a place called Fat Fish. Definitely not top-grade sushi.

    Bad service is just that, and a good reason not to return.

    1. Also, osme places feel if you sit at the bar you won't be needing a waiter. Your witer might have been better had you sat at a table.

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      1. re: Diana

        When you're at a sushi bar that offers you various "crunchies" options you have to figure that things may not be exactly traditional, so the super huge rolls don't really surprise me (although I agree that they aren't particularly appetizing). There's no excuse for the bad service. I don't care where you sit in a restaurant, no waiter should throw it in your face that he (or she) is ignoring you by sitting down for a conversation when they know you are waiting.

      2. I find Fat Fish a good place to go for happy hour. It's cheap(er) then, and sometimes I just want some passable sushi to help the drinks go down. If I want actual good sushi, I go elsewhere. I've never had bad service though. Sometimes it's a bit distracted, but never outright bad.

        1. I actually love the fat fish in k-town for lunch. i always get there around 11:30 when they are opening. i get good service, and fish is fresh and inexpensive. at that hour it is fresh because they are just putting it out. it's nothing revolutionary, but it's the perfect little spot for a quickie lunch. i cannot speak for the service of the food of the one in WeHo, but I do enjoy the one on 6th (6th I think, two blocks west of vermont). see a review below.

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          1. re: lotta_cox

            I just wish the Koreatown Fat Fish wouldn't put so many overpowering, awful sauces on their dishes. Mustard has no place on a roll, ever. And while it's a good deal, it's not the great deal it originally was: When they first opened, they had enormous pieces, and a friend dining with me said, "Watch these pieces get much smaller soon." She was right.

            I'm surprised they've not been able to get a liquor license after more than a year. That's the only reason the sushi is discounted the way it is at the Koreatown outpost.

            1. re: Woolsey

              good point about the sauces! I don't usually order rolls. I'll check that out next time. A heavy sauce could be hiding something. I typically stick to sashimi dishes!

              1. re: lotta_cox

                When I got to the door once for lunch and was told, "We had a power outage, but we're just getting the fish out. Come back in about ten minutes," that sort of put me off the nigiri there. I tend to treat Fat Fish Koreatown's sushi like supermarket sushi - stick to the rolls.

          2. Too bad about your bad service, but as others noted -- sitting at the bar, you may have to direct all your food orders (even non-sushi related ones) at the chef. That was the setup for me when I was at Hama in Little Tokyo, and the chef delegates the other orders to the waitress as needed.

            But Fat Fish I really only go for Happy Hour, the cocktails and the "rolly sushi" are decent for their prices but nothing extraordinary. The bartends are much nicer than the waiter described in your post though.


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            1. re: AquaW

              Well just to reply to this, we did order our sushi from the bar, and the few times the waiter would come over he'd go "what'd you order now?" and then get really annoyed as he input it into his computer.

              I've heard the Fat Fish in k-town is MUCH better