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Moving to Herndon

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My husband and I are moving to Herndon and would love to hear about your favorite restaurants there. We like all cuisines! Thanks!

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  1. Welcome!

    Start off with this thread first, especially the lists near the bottom (Tuni and myself):

    From there, ask away with any questions you have!

    1. Wow...you're in for a treat. Herndon is home to a lot of great ethnic restaurants. Vietnamese, Mexican, many El-Salvadorian restaurants, Ethiopian, Indian...you name it they have it. On the more upscale end, you have Russian House, and one of my personal favorite restaurants, Zefferelli's. Great Italian Food. Herndon has alot of good places...just travel on Elden Street, especially near the shopping center where K-Mart is located in the actual town of Herndon, and you will see all of these restaurants. I hope this helps.