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Sep 2, 2008 12:48 PM

Anybody try this spanish canned seafood?

Was watching Anthony Bourdain (spain) and he went to a bar that served this stuff, specifically Espinaler

I'd probably try to buy some of the stuff if the site weren't entirely in spanish

Anybody eat this stuff? Good, bad, whatevers? Got any recommendations as to where to buy/what brand to buy?

More info if I were in spain

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  1. What exactly are you referring to?

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    1. re: Pollo

      Any of it. I remember seeing razor clams, mussels, squid, etc.

      1. re: Pollo

        The poster is referring to the canned seafood that Anthony Bourdain was eating at Taverna Ca L'espinaler. I'm interested in this too but paying over 150 euros for a a 6 ounce cans may be too rich for my blood.

        1. re: SoulFoodie

          His whole Spain trip was great, but this segment was the one I found least appetizing. Shelling out that many euros for one can translates into an incredible meal back in the States - I guess I'll just have to take his word...

          1. re: bulavinaka

            That's what makes it so curious...

            1. re: ns1

              It's just me. I don't want to categorize this product with the $$$ burger in NYC or the $$$$ ice cream sundae in (was it?) London - those are all hype and conspicuous spending. I know it's all about a nurtured product from sea to can and totally unique in approach, and enjoying a few cans with a nice glass or two of fine Spanish sherry would be wonderful. But being that I can't see tossing that kind of euro at a can of clams, my spending propensity would be more toward blowing the amount at one of the tapas bars or restaurants he visited - if that amount would even get me in the door, I don't know...

      2. The original comment has been removed
        1. I haven't seen that Bourdain episode but they sell canned seafood at Despana in NYC. They do mail order.

          I haven't paid 150 euros for 6 oz but more like $15 for a small can. Honestly, I didn't like this type of seafood at all. What I love about seafood is that it's refreshing. Canning took all of that away. Then again, I don't like canned items at all in general (including fancy imported tuna fish) with the exception of something like fruit preserves or tomatoes.

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          1. re: Miss Needle

            Thanks for the link, but maybe that $135 difference is where all the taste comes in lol

            I agree with bulavinaka though, this IS a stretch. It's gotta be like, the equivelent of a culinary orgasm in a can or something in order to be worth that much...

            1. re: ns1

              Ahhh the wonders of truly disposable income... One of these days... one of these days...

              1. re: ns1

                Perhaps if I had the $150 can of seafood, I would like it as well -- or I would have convinced myself that I liked it to justify spending $150 for 6 oz! ; )

                Sigh -- I had issues when I paid $100/lb for jamon iberico. Somehow, I don't see the conserves in my near future.

              2. re: Miss Needle

                I can understand your apprehension about 'this type of seafood', but had you seen the episode, it seems that the products are 'aged' to perfection. They apparently get better with age (a year or so).

                But I do agree with you and the other posters - over 200 smackers for a can of fish seems a triffle outrageous.

                But then again, theres plenty of people in this world who aren't happy unless they spend the most amount of money for any one product...

                1. re: porker

                  I'm not arguing here, but as I read your post it occured to me that I think we'd all find it pretty normal for caviar. Such prices for such things are always a surprise the first time you read about them/see them. They don't always make sense, but occasionaly, I've found very pricey items to be worth it.

                  1. re: ccbweb

                    This is true - I've never had, but $1000 for an ounce of russian caviar may be a benchmark for the affluent.
                    My untrained palate may enjoy lumpfish caviar at $5 a jar. Similarly, I pretty much like canned surf clams at $1.50/can. Would a similar can at $300 be worth it?
                    I dunno.
                    Maybe my tastes aren't refined enough?

              3. Try going to La Espanola on Doble Ave. in Lomita, Ca. They carry all sorts of Spanish canned foods. The Spaniards are pretty good in canning their seafood and vegetables. I usually buy there the "mejillones" en escabeche (pickled) and bottled tuna in Olive oil. Big difference from canned tuna.

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                  1. re: trvlcrzy

                    I actually found La Espanola canned seafood at Monte Carlo deli in Burbank. Picked up some antipasto, cod, and cockles.

                    They were very meh and definitely do NOT look nearly as appetizing as the canned products in the link in the OP. The cockles were way too grainy and the antipasto too salty/oily.

                    $5/can vs $150/can. Makes you wonder.

                  2. Think of this place as a more casual, less touristy Quimet i Quimet. It is located in a small fishing village just outside of Barcelona. It is not a uber-fancy place--in fact, it is where fisherman and locals hangout for a modest beer and a tapa or two. I suppose there are super expensive items on the menu but generally things are quiet reasonable--3-6 euros for a seafood tapa. So I don't know where Bourdain gets his figures but the vast majority of the items are well within the range of most people's pocketbooks.

                    They make and serve their own canned products, which is what distinguishes them from Quimet. But if you are interested trying this stuff at home, you can try ordering more commercially available canned goods that are also very high quality like the Cuca brand. They sell very good clams, mussels and tuna in various sauces. It might be a good alternative because Cuca is probably more readily available to order online.