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Sep 2, 2008 12:12 PM

Disposable toaster-oven trays

Can anyone tell me where I can find those disposable (aluminum?) rectangular, toaster-over trays that I used to see at all the 99-cent stores? They usually come 4 per package. I just cannot find them anywhere in Manhattan. I have seen larger trays, but none that fits a toaster oven.
I am in the W. Village but I am willing to travel!!!

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  1. Have you looked in the supermarket where they keep the foil pans? I know I've seen them at the major chains...also could try a restaurant supply house or maybe even an ethnic market where they might have different types of foil pans, etc. I know one of the markets here has all kinds of pans I've never seen in a typical american supermarket-

    1. Fairway
      Westside Market - try the place in Chelsea