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Sep 2, 2008 11:56 AM

Very Poor Breakfast at Farm at the Grove

I tried the Farm of Beverly Hills at the Grove for breakfast today. It was bad. I thought the decor was pretty lame, faux farm barn with a smattering of tools along the walls. Fairly typical light breakfast fare on the menu. Bland room, bland food. I asked about the crepe filled with scrambled eggs and mushrooms w/ a "champagne hollendaise" sauce. The waiter said it was amazing. Hum... I don't expect him to say anything on the menu is awful, but since he said it was amazing, I ordered it along with a side of bacon. Food arrived in good time, bacon was room temp, I sent it back. While waiting for bacon to return, I tried the crepe. Really bad. The crepe was thick and gummy, not at all what I expect from a crepe. The filling was mostly all egg and totally bland. I tried adding Tabasco, didn't really help. The sauce was an acrid mess. I ate about a quarter of it and then the bacon reappeared. It was now warm and limp. I'm guessing it was nuked. I ate the bacon and moved on to the potatoes. They were reddish, I'm guessing paprika, and otherwise flavorless and cold. I very rarely need to salt food in a restaurant. I try to cook low sodium at home, so food is typically salty enough for my taste. The food here was just plain bland. I pushed the plate away and ate the fruit cup that came with it. Several times waiters walked by. Not once did anyone ask me how it was. I'd think with a barely touched plate pushed away they might wonder if it was ok or not. Finally I just asked for the check. When you consider the price, a bit over $18 with an iced tea, it was really bad. I wont go back.

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  1. We've mostly considered The Grove as just an easy place to park for the Farmer's Market, though we've done a bit of clothes shopping there. Don't want to rant here, but it does seem to me that the only viable places to eat in that general vicinity are ALL in the FM; nothing in The Grove itself rises above Cheesecake Factory level, except pricewise. The developer probably likes it that way - he seems to have a horror of authenticity.

    Thanks for the warning, though. Tragedy is that you were within walking distance of several really good breakfast spots.

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    1. re: Will Owen

      I just thought I'd try some place I haven't been to. Now I know better.

      1. re: rednyellow

        Don't give up. There are gems waiting to be discovered. You need to avoid the "ersatz" developments, though.

        1. re: rednyellow

          Well then, rednyellow, thanks for taking one for the team, and best wishes for a speedy recovery!

      2. Man, if Tabasco can't help it, you know you're in trouble, huh? The Farm is good for one thing.

        The "mutant Oreo".

        It's simply a homemade Oreo, the size of a newborn baby's head. Something stupid like, $2.50, and worth every penny (and calorie) - it's enough for a family of four, and even the you'll need a thimble-full of blood thinner after.

        Buy one of those, and go directly to the The French Crepe Company, Loteria, or Singapore Banana Leaf. Hell, skip the Oreo and get a doughnut from Bob's. All these are beyond quality, and you'll look like that much more the foodie.

        Don't eat at the Grove joints. You'll always feel bad about yourself after...

        1. I had terrible service at the Farm at the Grove a while back. Put in my name for an outside deuce, waited patiently with a family of three who were ahead of me. Two douchehounds wandered past, saw a two-seater open up in front of them on the patio and grabbed it. The waiter did nothing to dislodge them, and in fact was obviously friends with the guys [or wanted to be], as he chatted with them for quite a while. Meantime the other family and I were complaining to the manager. Manager confronted the waiter, who snotted off that maintaining the queue wasn't his job. I got another table eventually and the waiter acted sweet as pie, but it stuck in my craw to see him hobnobbing the whole time with his pals whom he'd seated ahead of me.

          It's a tiny, tiny beef in a great big world filled with injustice, but the fact remains I haven't been back since, and I don't expect to be anytime soon.