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Sep 2, 2008 11:19 AM

Best Danny Meyer Restaurant...

After reading his book, "Setting the Table," I must eat at one of his restaurants on my first trip to NYC. Any suggestions as to which one?

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  1. For my money: The Bar Room at the Modern - just all around great food, service and of course lively, convivial atmosphere.

    But I also love Eleven Madison Park and Shake Shack (you just need to go when the weather's a little off to avoid the lines).

    1. I'm with (or near ;) Spendsrent: I'd go with the Modern Dining Room (which I think is better executed than the Bar Room). I like Eleven Madison Park, but find the overall dining experience at the Modern to be warmer, though no less elegant. The food is impeccable at both places.

      For the record, I've only eaten at the following DM restaurants:

      Union Square Cafe
      Gramercy Tavern
      Blue Smoke
      Eleven Madison Park
      Shake Shack
      The Modern

      I've never been to / had these:

      Cafe 2
      Terrace 5
      Hudson Yards Catering

      BTW, why stop at just one restaurant? ;)

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      1. re: cimui

        Agreed - The modern dining room and the bar room are both superb, but we find the Bar Room to have a more lively atmosphere - which suits our taste a bit better.

        The dining room at the Modern is great but it's a more reserved & elegant experience. So it all depends on what you're after.

        1. re: cimui

          Cafe 2 is fine for what it is, and a heck of a lot better than the museum restaurants in other spots in NYC. I really like Terrace 5 but it's pretty small and the menu is limited. I usually get desserts there, and coffee. Nice for a pick me up.

          Man, I just realized I've done ALL of his places except for the catering and the Bread Bar at Tabla. I've done both the Bar Room and the Dining Room at the Modern (prefer Bar Room slightly because of more rustic menu, small plates format, and atmosphere) as well as both the Tavern Room and Dining Room of Gramercy Tavern. Heck, I've even eaten in the private dining room at GT. Twice!

        2. I have also visited the same restaurants as cimiu's. However, I must say I have to disagree with the Bar Room at Modern. The food is fine there, but the service was subpar (i mean bad, not just average) a few times I went there. I couldn't believe that it was one of DM's restaurant. I think I had better service at Blue Smoke.

          In terms of service, I found Gramercy Tavern to be the best. As for food, I like EMP the most.

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          1. re: kobetobiko

            Foodwise I prefer Eleven Madison to The Modern. I've found it to be much better.

            1. re: BW212

              I agree with BW212. I recently had a birthday celebration at the Modern Dining Room, and the food isn't as wonderful as Eleven Madison Park. (It isn't bad, but the foie gras was overcooked--real disappointment). I'll stick with EMP for future celebrations.

          2. the only meyer restaurant i go gaga for is shake shack. gramercy always has disappointed me food-wise, tabla is nothing more than an expensive curry shop, and union square is just plain boring.

            i am very interested in going to 11 madison park but ive always felt that meyer delivers on service and style...but always falls short foodwise.

            that said, shake shack is incredibly and positively a hit with me.

            1. It's between EMP and GT if you want the full on great meal/great service. GT a little more casual (IMO) than EMP. I also think EMP would win a head to head food match with GT because Chef Humm is a bit more refined in execution but that's not to say I haven't loved everything I've eaten at GT.

              Contrary to what some others have said I also really like Union Square Cafe but wouldn't put it into the same dinner league as GT and EMP.