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Sep 2, 2008 10:57 AM

Places to pick wild blackberries in Seattle?


I am relatively new to Seattle and have seen how wild blackberries grow everywhere. Do you know of good places to pick?


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  1. It is true; they are all around. My concern has always been if there is any pesticides applied to the berry bushes. I spent a lot of time on Vashon as a kid and we knew the berries near us were clean. Does anyone know if there is a herbicide/pesticide policy in Seattle. I, too, wouldn't mind just pulling over on the side of the road and grabbing some fresh berries to make a cobbler.

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      Hi BallardFoodie,
      Where would you go in Ballard? I live in Queen Anne and have seen bushes here and there, but am wondering if there are more extensive patches elsewhere...

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        I haven't really gone. But I'm pretty sure there are some bushes in the sunset hill area. If you take 65th all the way to where it ends, take a left, and there is an area where the road Ys into a high and low road. I've made a mental note that there are bushes there (I believe). If not, I'm sure there are more right around that area (and probably near the new Paseo on Market heading towards Golden Gardens).

    2. I've gone to Discovery Park the past couple of years. There are tons of bushes and I've always come back with a few pounds of berries. However, we went last Saturday and most of the berries were still green and the purple ones were not ripe at all. If anyone knows of a place with ripe fruit, please share your location!! I have blackberry upside down cakes to make!!

      1. Check alleys, parks, green spaces. If your neighbor's lot is overrun and he/she isn't picking, ask if you might pick. They're really everywhere.

        Icecreamgal, welcome to the world of summer blackberry addiction.

        About picking the berries and our love/hate relationship with blackberries:


        1. I always look for vacant lots which in the NW are usually overrun with brambles. There is a place next door thats empty and going to be turned into condos - I get my blackberries there.

          1. There is a productive bush behind the Catholic church on 48 & Wallingford. There is a huge patch behind the Jewish cemetery on 115th, just East of Aurora, but a ground keeper there advised me that they had been sprayed by pesticides to try and control the population and that they were not safe to eat.