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Sep 2, 2008 10:19 AM

uws hound moving to rye neck - need help on my new hood

long time upper west sider making the big move to the burbs. could really use help with the my go to list of chinese, pizza, italian, sandwich shop, greasy egg sandwich and all other basic necessities of life. delivery and take out.

i think i am close to the following towns rye, mamaroneck, harrison, larchmont and portchester and of course i am willing to travel.

i dont need fine dining - just my basics.

thanks all...

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  1. Pizza, is very easy, Sal's in Mamaroneck on the Ave, Sals will not deliver. For a decent sandwich, there the Larchmont Tavern, meatball melt and the gorgonzola salad, cant be beat. There s also another sandwich place on the Post Road, close to Sherwoods, but i cant reacall the name, thats also good. If you are a hot dog fan, check out Walters, its directly behind Mamaronceck High School. I m a hot dog fan, but i dont get Walters, everyone else i know loves them. If you like mexican food, there are several good places in Port Chester.

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    1. re: baldwinwood

      Szechuan Pavilion on Westchester Ave. in Port Chester
      Frank's (Italian, sandwiches, pasta, pizza) on Putnam Ave. in Port Chester
      Mamaroneck Diner on Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck (for aforesaid greasy egg sandwich)
      Burgers Shakes and Fries just over the border in CT in Byram, Delavan Ave.
      D'Agastino's (the fancy grocery) on Ridge St. in Rye Brook has a food court with things like fried chicken, pizza, sushi, hibachi, soup, salads and deli sandwiches to go.

        1. re: intrepid

          Where's Vinny's intrepid? Sounds familiar but i can't place it and why do you recommend?

      1. Welcome to the hood - hope you like it as much as we do. I'll start with Mamaroneck and Larchmont:

        Turkish/Mediterranean: Turkish Meze - on Mt. Pleasant Ave. - dine in, take-out but no delivery. Very good.

        Le Provencal - Mamaroneck Ave. French - very good - not haute and not stuffy. Not necessarily an every day place but not a "special occasion only" restaurant either.

        Rani Mahal - Mamaroneck Ave. Very good Indian.

        Pizza - none blow me away and having lived in the city too have found it is tough to find equivalent in the great category but most troublesome is the lack of very good. People have mixed feelings on Sal's. I didn't get it when we first moved here but will admit it's growing on me. They are really known for their sicilian which generally isn't my thing. However, you can get a very good pie down the road in Larchmont at Nicky's on Chatsworth Ave. They also don't deliver. Pizza Gourmet on BPost Road delivers but pizza not very good. Pastas okay but not exciting.

        Chinese delivery: None are perfect and some do certain dishes better than others and then aren't very good on other items. However, overall Great Wall II on Boston Post Road (next to Pizza Gourmet) has become our regular place.

        Walter's: Palmer Ave.My husband and daughter really like it - I don't get the hype. I've had dirty water dogs that were tastier.

        Japanese: There are a bunch and more Asian/Pan Asian coming. I'm not a big sushi fan but my friends who are prefer Toyo on Mmk Ave. over the others. However, had some not so fresh tasting, smelling tuna rolls there last visit and am totally put off now.

        O'Neill's Country Store: Mamaroneck Ave. It's a small deli but inside is Berta's Kitchen.with fresh, tasty latin food - Salvadoran I believe. Get some pupusas.

        Juarez Grocery: Mmk Ave. - Also a deli but on Sunday mornings - don't go too late - very good tamales. If you can get a hold of dulce tamales count yourself very lucky but if not, the chicken chile verde and the rojo are very good too. The mole can be a bit dry - but still tasty.

        The aforementioned Nicky's Pizza.

        Agree on Larchmont Tavern - some pretty good sandwiches and I like the atmosphere although can get crazy loud - lots of families.

        Sherwood's is okay. Some items good, others less so. Worth trying.

        Wraps place on corner of Palmer and Larchmont Ave. Close early and don't deliver but good wraps.

        Cheese Shop - Auray in Larchmont - was on Palmer but moved to a bigger space on Larchmont Ave. Nice place, nice well informed owner, good selection of quality cheeses.

        Espana: Larchmont Avenue - Tapas very good.

        Chat 19 Chatsworth: - mixed reviews but a reasonably fun place for casual American food and drinks.

        Now Port Chester and New Rochelle require their own post so I'll continue this tomorrow - have to run now - but one last very important note for today....

        Burgers!! Go over the PortChester/CT border to Burgers, Shakes and Fries - BSF. Do a search - there's a giant thread on this place. It's great.

        Hope this helps.

        1. don't forget white plains. lots of good places here and only 10 minutes from rye.

          1. I'm not sure how convenient any of this would be for you, but here are some of the places we really like:
            Chinese: Abeerdeen, White Plains, Central Seafood, Scarsdale; Goldenrod, New Rochelle
            Greasy egg shop: Great American Burger in Old Greenwich and Mamaroneck
            Italian (basic red sauce): Mama Francesca in New Rochelle
            Burgers: LT and Sherwoods (they are known for the ribs, I love their fried chicken), both in Larchmont, are good. Best in Westchester: Blazer's Pub in Purdy's.
            Pizza: I like Nicky's all right, Sal's is overrated. There is a place in Scarsdale that people have been raving about here, can't remember the name.
            I'm not sure who delivers to Rye Brook

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            1. re: pobo

              hey pobo. Goldenrod is good? We alway pass by but have been reluctant to try. The place in Scarsdale is All Antica. Haven't gotten over to Mama Francesca in NR but keep hearing good things. However, closer to me, is there a red sauce place in Mamaroneck you like? We don't have a definitive nearby go-to for basic Italian-American stuff.

              FYI - poster is moving to Rye Neck - my hood and not Rye Brook.

              1. re: laylag

                Goldenrod is pretty good. Not on the level of Aberdeen, but in my opinion it's the best in the immediate area. It's our go-to place for takeout.

                1. re: Shawn

                  Will try. It's a bit further down the road but not nearly as far as Aberdeen so could be a nice addition to the repertoire when we don't mind doing take-out vs. delivery.

                  Have you ever eaten in Shawn? Is it decent enough for that?

                  1. re: laylag

                    We have eaten in for lunch, but not dinner. Somehow, if we're taking the time to eat dinner out, it's more appealing to us to drive the extra few minutes to Aberdeen. Also, they serve very, very quickly-- I know most Chinese restaurants do, but Goldenrod seems especially speedy. I prefer to linger a bit longer. If we lived a bit closer (we're in Harrison), I'd probably go there for dinner on occasion. It's not bad inside, and the food is solid in comparison to other available options.

                2. re: laylag

                  You haven't been to Mama Francesca yet, laylag? A consistently good red sauce place, I think you'll like it.

                  Have you tried Piccolo Mulino yet? Someone here recommended it (it's nearer Harbor Island) and I've not gotten there yet. Enzo's is a snore.

                  Yes, Goldenrod is good. I liked it more than hubby, so we haven't been back. I liked Red Lotus for Thai and of course Spadaro for Italian. All New Rochelle, mark r.

                  Fujinoya in Hartsdale and Sushi Nanase in White Plains are outstanding for sushi. Have all the others beat by a mile.

                  Ditto on Le Provencal, one of the best restaurants in Westchester.

              2. For non gloopy chinese, try Ray's. Tho you're exactly mid distance between the original Larchmont Rays and the newer Rye Brook Rays, do the latter. Easier parking, you don't have to go through two downtowns, and not as cramped if you're eating in. Try their sauteed chicken and asparaguys -- very healthy.. and their Shrimp Kung Pow, very sinful. And unlike some chinese, takeout travels well.

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                1. re: louuuuu

                  If OP is a Rye Neck resident, as stated, Larchmont is much closer - just two miles vs. five/six.

                  1. re: laylag

                    actually, laylag, from Rye Neck High, Ray's in LM is 4 miles and the one in RB is 4 and change. RB is faster drive, easier parking ... and Lenny's Bagels right next door to boot!!!!!

                    While not H&H, Mark, Lenny's is still good. Also check out the bagels at the storefront in the Quaker Ridge shooping center near New Rochelle... a nice sunday morning drive

                    1. re: louuuuu

                      How do you figure Louuuuuuu? From my house, and I am close to the high school, it is 3.09 miles to Larchmont Rays, 9 mins. by Mapquest calc. It's 4.54 miles to the Rye Brook/PC Ray's, 14 mins. I realize Mapquest isn't the definitive source but recently for a different reason I'd clocked my mileage to the shopping center next door and it was just about five miles. In my personal experience the drive to those Rye Brook/PC shopping centers are not faster than driving to the Ray's strip on Palmer. No contest on the parking issue though - you win there. Parking on Palmer Ave. is a total pain.

                      Quaker Ridge Bagels are good. I like Bagel Power in Golden Horseshoe shopping center (Scarsdale) better. We got some this am reminding me how good they are -- super dense, chewy, not too big and with a nice lightly crispy exterior. We tried Lenny's one - too "fluffy" and white bread-y for my taste. Of course, people differ on their bagel quality preferences.

                  2. re: louuuuu

                    I haven't been to Ray's in quite a while because of the parking situation in Larchmont, but I remember liking their shrimp dishes and noodle dishes quite a bit.

                    1. re: Shawn

                      thanks for posts - this weekend i tried anthonys deli - pretty darn good and mamaroneck diner - which was very good and is open 24 hours.
                      went to rubys for a late dinner and was impressed. wife had the mussels and they were tasty and i had the tuna blt what was decent. good wine selection and not bad for a neighborhood fish joint with a decent scene.

                      looking forward to try the recommendations and will report back.

                      1. re: mark r

                        So glad you went to Anthony's deli. Meant to include it and forgot. Mmk diner is decent, I think it used to be better. Getting a bit stingy. Omelets still very good.

                        Haven't posted the NR and PC recs yet but will. Promise.

                        I like Ruby's too - as per your experience some of the food is better than other but I like the atmosphere and not outrageously priced for Rye so it's a go to for me.