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Sep 2, 2008 09:59 AM

LA for the weekend w/ bf from NY

Hi everyone,

My boyfriend and I will be in LA from early Friday morning to late Sunday evening. We're staying at the Farmer's Daughter in Hollywood near the farmer's market (which I know to check out), but also have a car to check out other spots. I've looked at several boards and think we might do the Lucques Sunday supper?

Other than that, I'm looking for a place to go Friday and Saturday nights, and for lunch/brunch on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Hatfield's is the price range (appetizers b/w $10-15 and entrees b/w $20-30) and looks like it has the laid back atmosphere we like (read: no stuffy white table clothes). I know describing myself as a "foodie" might get me in trouble, but I'd like to try west coast, innovative spots. Maybe one Mexican place and one sushi? I'd like to make reservations for dinner places, but lunch can be more low-key/ less expensive.

Here in New York I'd recommend Soto for expensive/delicious sushi; Persimmon for low-key, prix-fixe Korean; Gusto for a moderate Italian dinner or lunch to people watch outside; apizz for the ambiance and flatbread pizza. Any suggestions would be amazing!

Thank you!

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  1. Hatfield's is probably my favorite upscale restaurant at the moment. I don't know that I would do both Hatfield's and Lucques in such a compressed time frame. Maybe Hatfield's and AOC or Hungry Cat after the farmer's market for brunch/lunch?

    For Mexican, maybe Babita's for dinner or Tacos Baja Ensenada for a quick lunch?

    I'm not going anywhere near the sushi wars...

    If I were you, I'd probably try to squeeze in some SGV Chinese in there somewhere. I'd recommend Sea Harbour for dim sum on the Friday or Saturday.

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      i think you have two threads running, but nonetheless, i will reply here...

      i agree that babita is a great option, or monte alban if you're on the westside for oaxacan.

      for breakfasts, i'd say jar's brunch, hungry cat's brunch, campanile's, and maybe for fun, the Griddle.

      frankly, im a big providence fan for dinner, or even for the dessert tasting menu. i also love the patio at pane e vino.

      for drinks, and drinks alone, you might like the view at yamashiro or at the penthouse at the huntley hotel in santa monica.

      for asian fusion, i think mako in beverly hills is a good option.

    2. My suggestions:

      Squeeze in the sushi on Friday, be it for lunch or dinner. Don't do sushi on the weekends in L.A.

      Friday AM: go to DuPar's (Farmer's Market, at Third & Fairfax) for their fluffy pancakes. Walk off those carbs afterwards - Farmer's Market & The Grove have excellent people watching.

      Friday Noon: Go to Philippe's the Original in Chinatown for their New England clam chowdah and of course their French-dipped beef sandwiches. The horseradish there will clean out your nasal passages. You can then walk around in Chinatown, which is happily revitalizing these days, but still funky (sorry, Carl Douglas). OR... Go to world-famous Langer's (on 8th St.) for a REALLY good pastrami (get the #19), even by NYC standards.

      Friday afternoon: Explore downtown, including the Walt Disney Hall, MOCA. Sit in our world-famous clogged freeways. I personally prefer the 405 on a Friday afternoon for those with a sado-masochistic streak...

      Friday Dinner: Omakase sushi at Sushi Zo (on National), Kiriko (on Sawtelle), or R23 (near Little Tokyo).

      Friday nite: Drinks & tapas at Tapas Bar C in Little Tokyo (in Honda Plaza on 2nd St.), where French maid outfit-clad waitresses will serve and even perform.

      Saturday AM: De Belgu (on Melrose) for yummy Belgian waffles OR BLD (more people watching)

      Saturday Lunch: The Ivy (very L.A., but not as food-intensive), Geoffrey's in Malibu (for the view), or Tito's Tacos (great Mexican)

      Saturday afternoon: Father's Office (Culver City or Santa Monica, which is more of a scene) for their brews and of course those burgers & fries. Bring ID's.

      Saturday Dinner: AOC, or Social (on Sunset in Hollywood) - I'd recommend Mozza, but Batali's food is a well-known entity in NYC. Skip Providence. Also agree with Mako (in Beverly Hills) and Jar (on Beverly).

      After dinner Saturday: Hit the Sunset Strip for drinks - Chateau Marmont, Standard Hotel, etc.

      Sunday Brunch: Hotel Bel Air (the setting is so very SoCal; those guys you'll likely see in dark suits are Secret Service watching Nancy Reagan).
      Work off all those calories riding a bike from Santa Monica beach up to Pacific Palisades, then back down thru Venice.

      Sunday Dinner: Lucques.

      Have fun! Enjoy our awful weather!