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Sep 2, 2008 09:42 AM

New Year's Eve in Val-David

My wife and I are spending a few days in Val-David over the New Year's period.
Where shall we go in Val-David for a special meal and atmosphere on New Year's Eve?
I think that it is probably a choice between Les Zebres and Clementine. Which would be the better choice of the two or does anyone have another recommendation?

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  1. If it's opened, Le Bistro à Champlain in Sainte-Marguerite du Lac Masson, just a few kilometers away for french bistro fare and one of the best wine selection in Canada specializing in French wine and especially Burgundy.

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      If I am remembering correctly, the sommelier at this place was named best sommellier of the world a few years back...

    2. What about L'Eau a la Bouche in St. Adele - only about 9 km away? In several past visits they have never disappointed (but I haven't been recently).

      1. You have 4 amazing choices, I've never been to les Zebres but I've tried the 3 others,
        and loved everything about my meals there. Clémentine is a BYOB and I could kill for their butterscotch sundae, l'Eau à la Bouche is a Relais and Chateau so it will be pricier, imo. although their reputation is stellar. Le Bistro à Champlain has the best wine cellar, I've been told by wine connaisseur friends.

        If I were you, I would wait till they announce/publish their offerings for New Year's Eve, and then pick which menu and formula pleases you most. If you want to ring in the new year at the restaurant, that might influence which place you pick. Some places have an early service and a later one, usually a set menu for the evening.

        The website for les Zebres makes me want to try it this fall.