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Sep 2, 2008 09:36 AM

Sushi Masu/Place Yuu/Hide? Pros and Cons

I am thinking about checking one of these places out tonight. Can anyone break these 3 restaurants in a nutshell for me? I like quality fish, and I like decent pricing. What works?

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  1. Mori: straight-up sushi joint. Masu is very friendly. Cheaper than Place Yuu (no izakaya to tempt you).

    Place Yuu: Izakaya and sushi. Open late. Mori-san not as cheerful as Masu, but every bit as skilled.

    Both have quality seafood. Tuesdays are excellent. You'd be fine with either. You might even see me at one of these places tonight.

    Hide: Cheap sushi, quality not as good these days. Won't catch me there.

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    1. re: J.L.

      I am suspicious that those who disparage hide are actually trying to thin out the crowds waiting in line. I think the Sushi is at least as good as Place Yuu, which is best as a late night option. The prices at hide are much better, and if Sushi Masu is similar in price and quality, it is not evidenced by a similar crowd problem. Based on the recommendations for Sushi Masu I have a desire to investigate this, because Masu certainly has better ambiance without the ridiculous wait.

      1. re: Mateo R

        It's funny you should mention this. I have a friend (you know who you are) who is also a frequent poster on this board. On many things we agree, but when it comes to Hide, I'm a big fan, him, not so much. I mention this because not too long ago, right on the heels of reading ones of his "Hide sucks" posts, I found him sitting at the bar munching away with great enthusiasm. He still insists that it was just cause he was in the area. Uh huh… sure.

        1. re: Mateo R

          I like Hide - sometimes, but I have to 'be in the mood' and that seems to happen much, much less frequently lately. Place Yuu, on the other hand, is always nice and I can always find something that sounds good to, either from the izakaya menus or the sushi menu. If I can snag a table on the quiet side of the restaurant - away from the large screen TV - I even have a nice atmosphere which is something I would never say about Hide.

          All that said, if lunch is ever the meal in question, Place Yuu is not open and so is not an option.

      2. I was just at Masu on Friday.

        Great guy, unbelievably cheap. Fish always good, if not great (really unbeatable at his price point). Oysters are excellent if he has them.

        Usually out the door for 80-120 for 2 people with 1 beer.

        1. I've never been impressed by Masu when I've eaten there, but just had take-out delivered because they deliver through L.A. Bite. Now I know you can't judge sushi by take-out, but I not infrequently get sushi take-out from Hide and, so comparing, apples to apples, the fish at Hide (while not what it was in their glory days) is, IMHO, vastly better than at Masu.

          In general, I think the bottom line is that, as compared to my youth, the concept of excellent inexpensive sushi is an oxymoron. The oceans are too over-fished and sushi is too popular worldwide, meaning there is more competition for good fish, driving up prices. Basic economics.

          I still remember the first time I went to the late great Ginza Sushi-Ko in the '80's (when it was already $150 a person), and I thought, "wow, I've never really had sushi before" because I had never tasted anything quite like that. But back then, I would say there was like a 100 point difference between sushi on that level and your regular, every-day sushi. Now I think the spread is closer to 1,000 points or more. One of the reasons I don't eat sushi with anywhere near the frequency that I once did.

          1. I've had a love/hate relationship with Hide for over twenty years now, from when they were at the smaller location next door (remember?) Well, hate is a strong word but there have been many occasions, such as last week, when I wonder why I keep going back. The special scallop nigiri is my favorite and it was fine, and dynamite is always wonderful but the yellowtail was so bad I only ate one piece, defeating the purpose of inexpensive sushi. I also asked the waitress if they had ono and she'd never even heard of it. There are times when Hide is the best option under the circumstances (such as, a sushi craving at 3 pm and I don't feel like driving far, or when I want to take my toddler for sushi -- they are the most child friendly sushi place I've been to) and I'm sure I'll be back, and maybe they'll be on an upswing again, but I won't count on it.

            Have never been to Masu or Yuu so can't compare.