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Sep 2, 2008 09:29 AM

Three days in Kansas City-where to go?

We will be in Kansas City staying at the Marriott. Arrive on a Saturday in a few weeks - three full days - suggestions please. We will have a car. Thank you.

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  1. For a nice evening out with outstanding food and service, try Bluestem in Westport. The chef, Colby Garrelts, was a Food and Wine Best New Chef (a significant honor) from a few years ago and the restaurant has a reputation of serving creative, delicious cuisine. It is considered one of the best, if not the best restaurant in KC.

    1. Wow...well my first suggestion would be to go back through old will find a TON of places. You did not really say if you had kids with you but some of my favorite places that you might not have where you live include: The Melting Pot, Lydia's, Jack Stack BBQ. If you have a vehicle then check out a Sunday Brunch. Lydia's, a couple Hereferd Houses and the Plaza Steak House and Bristol in Leawood....All of these places take reservations. Check out Open You can make tons of reservations online before you even get here. It does not have all of the places to eat on it, but has a lot to choose from.

      Recently we tried our first Brazilian Steakhouse here in KC. My husband lived in Chicago for 9 months and we ate at all kinds of places there including a couple of these places. We went to Amor De brazil and while it might not be as good as my favorite one in the chicago area, it was darn good and I can not wait to go back. If you are not familar with the concept. You are seated and asked for a drink order by your server. On the table next to your plate is a disk, one side green one side red. Youa re then directed toward their Salad Area where you will find prepared salads, breads, and other various things that are not on a Typical salad bar. There are also the traditional Brazilian rice and beans. Once you are at your table eat at your own pace. When you are ready for the main course flip your disk and prepare to go crazy. LOL. I believe Amor has 15 or so cuts of meat that men in gouchos will bring around and carve at your table. Your server will also bring the tradiitonal brazilian cheese bread along with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Fried Polenta and Bananas. It is all YUMMY!!!

      These are just a few of my for Sunday Brunch I suggest Lydia's if you don't go for dinner...either way you won't be disappointed. But if you go to Lydia's for dinner then check out Plaza Three for Brunch...they do Crab Legs, Prime rib, smoked fish, Blintzes, traditional breakfast, salad, fruit and made to order omelts and waffles. For desert try their cream brulee, inside out carrot cake or anything else from the dessert is all included and if I remember right iced tea, coffee and water are included with the price. You will not leave hungry.

      1. Which Marriott? What area of town? What kind of places are you looking for? LC's BBQ is a must. Very casual though. Fill in a few details and I'll keep you busy.

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          We will be staying in the Marriott downtown or the one near that area. LC's sounds great as barbecue in KC is a must! We are open to whatever - dressy, casual, neighborhood, etc. We are adventurous in trying new eateries and food. We currently live in the Houston area, but I grew up in New Orleans. Thanks in advance for suggestions, etc.

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            I lost my original post in cyberspace, I suppose? I 2nd Bluestem but would also sugges Le Fou Frog for finer dining (google it) and Jerry's Woodsweather Cafe for some local color and great burgers, fries and pork tenderloin sandwiches - portions are big so order accordingly. Both are convenient to where you're staying. I don't mean that Le Fou Frog is finer dining than Bluestem - just editing to clarify. They're both excellent.

        2. Higher end, I would suggest, Michael Smiths, 1924 and Bluestem. The American is beautiful. A great suggestion for cocktails at the bar around sunset. Room 39 has casual atmosphere, but priced a bit higher. One of my favorites. They also serve breakfast and have great coffee. Harry's Country Club and the Peanut are favorite local bars. JJ's and Classic Cup have great, deep wines lists fairly priced.
          Have fun.