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Sep 2, 2008 09:23 AM


We had not made it to Trio yet and had not planned to because the last time I looked at there web site they were not posting prices and when I learned what there prices were I thought that they were too high for Austin. More like Chez Panisse, or French Laundry prices.

We got a 2-fer card in the mail and went although the card basically paid the tip. I must say that what we had was one of the most gratifying meals I have had here in Austin in a long time. Not perfect, but overall very good and solid. Wife had the Flatiron, cooked just right and flavorful, I had the skate fillet. All quite good, For sides I order the sweet cream corn in a creme brulee style. Too sweet for my wife, but I loved it. She ordered the cauliflower crepes. Tasty but too salty for both of us and I tend to oversalt. Good food nonetheless. For salad I got the watermelon, tomato with a basil sourcreme foam. Weirdly good, if not delicous. Wife got an appetizer for her salad with a strange name, too me, something like KimChee, but not. It was tomato and cheese, the best I remember but quite good.

Something else I like is that they have a trio of sparkling wines, including a Prosecco, and a Champagne and a sparkling Rose. Each glass has 2 ounces and it costs 10 dollah, US.

The new interior is very impressive. Soft warm, sunset colors done in a muted fashion. The appearance is not quite sleek, but understated and yet comfortable and inviting.

I think the place is a winner but the prices are still somewhat of an issue with me. BTW, they still serve the 18 dollar hamburger, which, imo, is worth the $$$

As usual, they have excellent service. The same group as was at the Cafe.

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      1. Any reports on dessert at Trio?

        It's annoying that all the menus online are "samples".

        1. Everybody brings up the french laundry when talking about trio's price. Are we talking like $200 for a steak here or what? How much does the rack of lamb cost?

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