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Sep 2, 2008 08:54 AM


Does anyone know where in the NYC area I can purchase ready-made amba, the delicious sour-spicy, mango-based sauce (terrific with shwarma and grilled meats)?

Alternately, does someone have an easy-to-make recipe? TIA.

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  1. Just saw it yesterday in A to Z on Union Turnpike. I am sure the Israeli grocery stores on Main St carry it too.

    1. I can't give you a specific place, but I know it's widely available. I have some, but can't remember where I bought it. I imagine it would be sold at Brach's, Wasserman's, or SuperSol in Queens, which is likely where I got it. It could also have been at a store called Kissena Farms, which isn't specifically a kosher place, but has a lot of kosher products. And I would also assume the smaller makolet-type stores that cater to the Israeli crowd would also have some. I'm sorry this is not as specific as it might be, but I do know it is available.

      1. amalya on main street used to have it, i havent bought it in a while so i cant guarantee that it does, but you can call them 7185751587, if you want to try a to z to make sure they have it before heading there, you can call them as well 7184686000

        both stores are pretty good about getting things for you if they dont happen to already carry them

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          Thanks gmal1, queenscook and shoelace. it sold only in Queens (LOL!)?

          Any Manhattanites know where to buy the stuff?

          1. re: KosherKing

            a to z would likely not be helpful with this, but amalya or one of her sons might be able to tell you where in manhattan you can look

        2. Kalustyans on lexington and 28th street has several with heckshers -plus supersol and koshermarketplace on upper west side.

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          1. re: meateater

            I've never heard of kalustyans

            What kind of market is it?

            1. re: shoelace

              it is a specialty market around 27th st and lexington (right near all the kosher indian restaurants). they also have jarred foods of all types, coffees, teas and numerous other items . Good prices. we shop there

              1. re: koshergourmetmart

                I'll be in the area tomorrow and will definitely check it out.

                Always on the lookout for new options!


          2. online;

            olympic pita (bklyn) serves it., perhaps they will sell to you some in a container

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              Main Glatt On Main Street carries Several Brands of Amba.
              Also Saw it in Grill Point being served .

              1. re: wohc123

                where on main street is main glatt

                1. re: shoelace

                  69-38 Main Street (Right off Jewel Ave)
                  Or Call 718-263-7009