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Sep 2, 2008 08:51 AM

Chilaquiles at Tacos Santana

On Saturday, we ventured to Tacos Santana at Keap and Broadway in South Williamsburg. We started with chicken and pork tacos, all of which were quite underwhelming. All the tacos were quite dry, not terribly juicy and the meat was flavorless. However, we also ordered the chicken tinga (chicken marinated in peppers with onions and tomatoes) chilaquiles, and they were the most mind-blowing, delicious food I've had in a long time. The cook fried some cut up corn tortillas in oil, and then covered them with the chicken tinga, a very very fiery green sauce and queso fresco. It arrived steaming hot and didn't get any cooler, but it was so incredibly delicious and flavorful I had to eat it all. The green sauce was spicy and complex, and the whole meal was so hot and spicy I was covered in sweat. Sadly, the tacos did not live up to my favorite taco joint in Brooklyn (El Encanto Mexicano in Greenpoint), but I cannot wait to get back to Tacos Santana for those stunning chilaquiles.

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  1. sounds awesome. chilaquiles are one of my favorite things ever when done right. I'll have to check em out

    1. the world's best chilaquiles, or at least the best of the many I've tried, are to be had at Las Brisas on Westchester Av. in Port Chester NY, right next to Rye/White Plains/Greenwich CT. A 2-minute walk from Metro North to one of the best down-home Mexican spots in the NYC area.

      These are the chilaquiles that I compare all others to.

      Puebla on 1st Ave/3rd St makes them pretty good too, esp. when topped with chocolatey-flavored steak strips, but none can top my beloved Las Brisas....

      1. i tried the chilaquiles, and you're not exaggerating at all! they were superb. a lot of credit goes to the sauce, which is just outstanding. they seem to excel at sauces there from what i can tell.
        sorry to hear that your tacos weren't good. i really like the cecina and carne enchilada but haven't tried any of the other meats.