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Sep 2, 2008 08:39 AM

Best Japanese in NYC

What are some of the best Japanese restaurants in NYC? (besides Morimoto, Nobu, Sushi of Gari)

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  1. What kind of Japanese cuisine? What are you looking for? An izakaya? Sushi and sashimi? Cooked dishes? Shabu shabu? Ramen? Soba? Idon? A kaiseki meal? Home cooking? Yakitori? Tempura?

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    1. re: kathryn

      Sushi, sashimi and cooked dishes.

    2. Sushi Yasuda - favorite sushi spot in the city, Naomichi Yasuda is a sushi god.
      Masa - If you got serious money, 400 minium per person.
      Kuruma Zushi - amazing sushi, though less variety than Yasuda.

      These are also the three japanese restaurants (though Yasuda, Kuruma specialize in Sushi/Sashimi) that I hear most often as the favorites from people on this board and from critics alike.

        1. Sushi Yasuda or Kanoyama for sushi. Sushi Yasuda has a very reasonable weekday lunch special.
          Sakagura for non-sushi Japanese.
          Torys has very good yakitori.

          1. throwing Haru in with Sushi Ann And Sushiden is like throwing White Castle in with The Burger Joint and Molly's. If you misspeled Haku, then I apologize...

            Egads. Anyhoo, Kanoyama on @nd @ 11th and Ushi Wakamaru (if you like Japanese, fairly conservative and fresh fish) are two great ones. Yasuda, Masa, Kuruma all a hefty price tag - you can do well here, esp. at Ushi with thr 10 or 15 piece tastings.....