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Sep 2, 2008 08:38 AM

Shaker Suppers at Shaker Village, Pittsfield

We have reservations for one of these suppers coming up and I am hoping some chowhounders can give me a bit of insight as to what to expect...

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  1. We went one December, there was snow on the ground, and the whole scene was enchanting. The Village is closed except for dinner guests. The building housing the dining room is lit by candlelight. Guests sit at long wooden tables, seated on Shaker chairs, and the food is presented family style. The food was simple, fresh, plentiful, and harmonious with the surroundings. (Oh, and good!) I don't remember whether there was music (there may have been, although we also went to a concert there one night and the two may be mingling in my memory). I believe that the servers are dressed in Shaker costume, and it is possible to have a tour beforehand if you've never been. If that's the case, a tour would add to the experience. Funny that I just saw your post; a half hour ago I idly said to my husband, I'd like to go again to one of the Shaker Village suppers. Now I think I'll do something about it. So thanks for posting, and enjoy!

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      And thanks for your review Tsarina. In all the decades I've living in the Berkshires I've always thought about attending one of the dinner, but never have. They sound good--time to now just take our visitors to Shaker Village!

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        Slightly off topic, but if you're heading to Shake Village or just nearby in general, you can drive a few miles further and arrive at Fox Country Smokehouse(they've got directions on their website).

        They don't serve food or anything, but you can buy a number of deliciously smoked items. From various styles of bacon, to a number of cheeses. You may want to call ahead if you see something on their site because I don't think they always have everything on their site on location, they're mostly mail order I believe.

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          The Shaker suppers in the Berkshires are in Hancock, MA. The smokehouse you've listed is near the Shaker village in NH. Not so close, but thanks for the website. Looks good!

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            Heh, thanks for pointing that out. Did say to myself before replying that I thought Shaker Village was in Canterbury and not Pittsfield. Guess it highlights a small pet peeve of mine on the New England board. All the states share a large number of town names, which can be confusing when states aren't mentioned. Though would probably be better if I didn't skim sometimes as well.

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        This experience is similar to the Creamery restaurant at the Canterbury NH Shaker Village, which was a wonderful one - we went for Thanksgiving one year. I also went when it had a menu and regular waitstaff, but still the group seating. It has since been replaced by the Shaker Table restaurant, with equally good, though more creative, dishes....but with conventional seating. I miss the camaraderie of the long tables.

        1. re: greygarious

          DW & I have been to both and enjoyed them equally.
          Maybe we could talk the Food Network into an Iron "Shaker" Chef taste-off?