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Shot glass desserts

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Do you make or order in restaurants tiny shot glass or 2-bite desserts? Newspaper and online reporter needs source from Palm Beach County for food story on this trend. Contact tmalmer at pbpost.com or 561-820-4516. Preferably a consumer, but a local chef's ok too. thanks!

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  1. Here in Orlando Seasons 52 has them, and I'm pretty sure you have a unit somewhere in your area.

    1. Seasons 52 in Fort Lauderdale has them, so does PF Changs. I never order them because they sit around and travel to tons of tables, which makes them warm and dirty.

      I ordered one once to try it out but when I saw the lady just grab the tray from near the cash register and bring it over -- and then give me one from that tray I thought it was a terrible idea.

      1. Season's pioneered the shot dessert concept, might want to contact the corporate PR here in Orlando, FL. The consumptions stats are impressive.

        I've also seen shot desserts at Chili's now. :)

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          That's nothing to be proud of.

          It's an awful idea. I tried them once; not again.

        2. The terribly overrated Seasons 52 does these, and PF Chang's is the other chain I've seen them at. A local restaurant in Sanford, Florida, Two Blondes and a Shrimp, serves them too. I'm not a huge fan.

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            I agree that Seasons 52 is terribly overrated! They go on and on about not having any butter on the premises but all I could think while I was eating the cedar plank salmon and asparagus, “This would be so much better with some butter”, LOL!!

            Anyway, I had the pecan pie shot glass dessert and it was way, way, over sweet, I did what I could to get through half of it as not to offend the person who took me to lunch. I wouldn't go there again unless someone else is paying and then I'll just stick to the flat breads which were pretty good.

          2. Carrabba's has now joined this trend as well. Saw them there for the first time last weekend.

            1. The ones that are on the tray are not the ones you are served (at least at PF Changs). I get them when I go to PF Changs and love them. They fix my sweet craving after a meal and the carrot cake and great wall shots are amazing.. mmmm

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                are you from pbcounty, martin or st. lucie? I'm seeking a diner to quote on why they are popular (calories, price, etc.). I'd need 5-10 mins on phone with you.

              2. I know who sells them. I'm looking for someone who likes them, to tell me why they like them: lower price, fewer calories, etc.

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                  I love them and get them at PF Changs. I love them both becasue they are cheaper than a full dessert and have fewer calories. It is kind of like a 100 calorie pack (obviously I know they are more than one hundred calories) at a restaurant. It is perfect to end a meal. I am a BIG fan!!!! I can eat dessert without guilt. I often wont order a full dessert b/c I know I wont have the will power to only eat one or two bites.

                2. I work as a cook at Cafe Dufrain in Tampa where we make all of our desserts in house. Each is offered in a full size and in a shot glass "mini" size. I'm sure you can guess which one sells more.

                  1. While I don't live in your area, I've discussed this with several people in Central FL. While price makes the ordering "risk free", (if patron doesn't like it the item, it was only $2) it's mainly the selection and portion size.

                    The shots desserts offer an option for people who would not normally order dessert, since most offered were huge. Most folks don't want the huge chocolate explosion for $8 when they can get a few manageable (smaller) choices, the shots offer variety without committing the entire table to eating off of a massive monster dessert.

                    The shots are very popular to share and most tables order an extra dessert to compensate for the sharing factor (2 people, 3 shot desserts...4 people, 5 or 6 shot desserts.)