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Sep 2, 2008 07:22 AM

Good eats in the King/Dufferin Area?

Hello! New to chowhound and will also be new to King/Dufferin as we just bought a TH there. Although we live in the DT area and have frequented many local restos in the core, but haven't ventured out to the King West area.

Are there any good local restos at any price range that you can recommend?

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  1. Island Foods! On the north side of King, just east (I think) of Dufferin. Delicious West Indian food at reasonable prices. The rotis are just scrumptious.

    1. I've heard the Liberty Bistro (at Atlantic Avenue) does good brunch.

      1. Caffino's is good if you can find it. On the South side of King East of Dufferin in the carpet factory building. Entrance is through a gateway. My other favourites are up on Queen: Ali Baba's for dirt cheap Middle Eastern and Ali's or the Roti Lady for Roti.

        1. Another roti suggestion....
          Mother India at Queen/Lansdowne. Same rotis as Gandhi, but served in a much calmer & quieter location.

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          1. re: thora

            not exactly the same. Gandhi is still far better.

            1. re: airsey

              Ah, I disagree - the service at Gandhi is rushed & rude. And the last time I went there, the green peas in the mixed veg rotis were hard! Bizarre.

              I will relent on one thing, though - the wait after ordering can sometimes be quite long at Mother India. Definitely the opposite of Gandhi's rushing!

              What do you prefer about Gandhi's rotis?

              I have heard that it took Mother India a little while to hit their stride. Give it another go! Both places are absolutely good.

          2. Pho Asia 21 is a good & cheap Vietnamese place on King just west of Dufferin. Fantastic pho, and some other good stuff on the menu as well. And since they don't serve alcohol, they're not overrun by the, uh, "local colour" that tends to hang out at the other places along that block.

            Also, I must confess to really enjoying the wings at Shoeless Joe's. Especially on Tuesdays when it's cheap wing night! For slightly fancier pub grub, the Brazen Head down in Liberty Village (across the parking lot from the Dominon) is worth checking out.

            And while it's not open yet, I have faith that Mildred's Temple Kitchen will be great, since it's from the same folks who were behind the late, lamented Mildred Pierce. It's going to be at the top of the stairs that run up from King Street next to the Carpet Factory, just west of the train overpass.

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            1. re: gregclow

              i can't tell you enough times to stay away from the brazen head. the menu reads well but is very poorly executed and the service is brutal.

              1. re: robgm

                Thanks so much guys! I'll keep all of these suggestions in mind and keep them coming if you've got more!

                1. re: robgm

                  My experiences there have been the exact opposite. The food is above average pub favourites, and the service has always been friendly and prompt. It has a bit too much of a pre-fab faux "Oy-rish" atmosphere to be a regular hang out for me, but it's better than average for what it is.

                  YMMV, obviously.

                  1. re: robgm

                    The service at BH is brutal - especially the downstairs/main bar. The bartenders do little to make it feel like a local and everything to make it feel like a souless chain. Even worse, when they ask if you'd like salad or fries with your burger/sandwich, it's not part of the meal and charged as another item - nice. Too bad since the main room is lovely.

                  2. re: gregclow

                    I have had nothing but great times at The Brazen head. Very good pub food, good service and awesome rooftop patios. I'm not a fan of the washroom situation on the second floor bar. I love the place.

                    1. re: sneakers

                      Just had dinner tonight at the Brazen Head... it started a little slow, but the server apologized and took our order. THEN 15 mins later she came back and asked what my husband ordered again?!?! By this point we were both starving and agreed that a $0.25 tip was in order (a point to show that we didn't forget to tip, but they did not deserve one). After giving the stink eye to our server from being so hungry she came by apologizing and offered us free dessert. I explained we were under time constraints and had been waiting over 30 mins already... 3 mins later our food finally came! The food was really good - and no it wasn't because we were ravenous but it was truly good. Our server came by again to apologize and comped us our beers instead of dessert, knowing that we didn't have much time - I too apologized for giving her the stink eye. In the end she earned her tip back and we gave her the standard 20% tip.

                      I can see that some have had bad service, but our experience could have been a complete disaster but it turned around and became a pleasant one... for those who don't like the service, maybe give it another try!

                      1. re: jeannieh20

                        5 times was enough for me and the manager I spoke with on the last visit really didn't care as he was more concerned with the 5 buddies of his that came in to watch football. I encourage all who enjoy BH to continue to support it, and those who don't not to...I fall into the latter category

                    2. re: gregclow

                      Oh my golly gosh, Pho Asia 21 was awesome!! So much better than Pho Hung that we're so used to while living in the financial district!! Just had it tonight and oh my thank you so much for the suggestion... we may not have ventured in cus of that side of the tracks... but am I glad we did!

                      The broth was sooooo good, I finished everything in the bowl! My husband had the grilled pork chop with fried egg and can usually have another dish along side it, was stuffed and satisfied!!

                      Once again thanks for the suggestions - please keep them coming!

                      1. re: jeannieh20

                        First let me say I am no Pho expert, however, I believe that Pho Asia 21 is the best Pho in the downtown area. Clean space, giant menu, tasty fresh food with the best Pho brooth I've had in years. Top it all off with the fact two ppl can dine for less than $20 and be full. How can it be beat??? :-)

                        1. re: jeannieh20

                          You simply must have the Bun (402), so generous and fresh. I much prefer the pork to the chicken.