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Sep 2, 2008 06:49 AM

reusable coffee filter and icky coffee

I purchased my first reusable coffee filter, in an attempt to produce less waste and all that. But the filter I purchased lets through the finest bits of the coffee beans and then there's this swirl of "coffee grit" in the bottom of my cup. I've tried not grinding the beans so fine, but still I get this "grit". Do all reusable filters do this or is it just this grocery store model that I purchased? This morning I went back to my trusty unbleached paper filter and had a much happier cuppa.

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  1. I've never liked the reusable ones - there's no way to easily clean out the used grounds without rinsing some down the sink. I'm much happier just throwing the paper filter full of grounds into my composter.

    1. I can't say that I've noticed this problem, and I've used the reusable filters for years.
      But if you're using a "universal" filter, rather than one specific to your coffeemaker, it's possible that the mesh is not fine enough or the water is bubbling over the sides of the filter while brewing.

      1. Was just visiting my parents this weekend and my mom uses a reusable filter that came w/her machine. It definitely lets the grounds through. That said, she had the coffee very finely ground to make espresso (she usually drinks espresso herself), so I'm sure that contributed to the problem.

        1. Reusable filters are a step finer than French Press, but not as fine as paper. Threads about using a press might give you some good ideas. Press users are used to having some sediment. They also claim that paper removes flavorful oils.

          Another thing with reusable filters - how much water do you use to clean them? In an office context without running water and a garbage disposal, I think paper filters are preferable to reusable ones.

          1. I have a Krups gold filter and still have to grind coarser than I'd like for it not to get grits. It came with the machine, too, so there's no fit problem. I've stopped using it.