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Sep 2, 2008 05:52 AM



Went there for the second time and was even more impressed. Kevin, the bartender made the best drinks and was very accommodating. Jenna, the hostess, was wonderful, Jeanne, our server was very attentive and Alan, our chef, entertaining. The food was top quality. Hubby had the filet mignon and shrimp hibachi and I had the yaki soba made in the kitchen. Our regret was that we did not have room for dessert. Liked the birthday pictures on the wall, gave a cozy feeling and the sinks in the dining room are a great convenience. The room temperature was very comfortable, not freezing. On our first visit, we sat at the bar, but it was in the dead of winter and every time the door opened, we got a rush of cold air. They should add a little entrance way with an additional door into the bar area to capture the cold air. We had tempura and sushi which was great. They offer a discount card that is good for a year, which makes it very affordable if you go often, which we will.

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  1. Can we get a little help with the actual location?

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      Went to this place last night and was not impressed at all. I sat on the traditional rest. side, not the side where they cook in front of you, so that may have limited my experience. I was not in the mood for sushi, so I got some steak teryaki. the meat was nice and tender, but the only teriyaki flavor (if you can call it that) was this nasty glaze that they poured over it after it was cooked. It didn't even have teriyako flavoer, just tasted like weak sugar syrup poured over steak. The miso soup was dreadful! The salad that came with the meal was okay, but nothing special. My dad got the combo steak and shrimp tepanyaki. he said it was okay, but the fried rice was flavorless. Service was just okay and the prices were kind of high: $20 for steak teriyaki with nasty soup and pathetically small salad. Maybe if i sat at the cooktop tables, it would have been a better experience. However, based just on the food and price i will not go back.