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Sep 2, 2008 05:32 AM

South Street Seaport: Sequoia? Salud? Quartino? or just fugeddaboutit and go farther afield?

I have to have dinner down by the South Street Seaport on Thursday; my past experience tells me that my options (for a decent meal) are severely limited...maybe even more so than in Little Italy.Stkll, maybe I'm being too pessimistic. Any suggestions?

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  1. I had dinner w/a group of 6 pp at the Bridge Cafe about 5 weeks ago. It was excellent. It's on Water Street right by the bridge. I had fried oysters as a starter, scallops (maybe--I forget) as my entree, and we all shared about 4 desserts. The service was very good. I'd go there again if the opportunity arose, which isn't likely, since (a) I live in the Bay Area and (b) this was a special occasion (a reunion of classmates). I highly recommend it.

    1. go to Carmines its in by all the shops in the back I forget the street its on its not in the seaport mall bldg but in the back street area

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        Carmine's is on the corner of Front and Beekman Streets.

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          Thanks F.D.R I couldnt remember the streets

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            My pleasure, howster. Not sure Carmine's is chow worthy (probably past its prime and my red sauce is better) but sometimes I just need my Carmine's fix . . .

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              They make a very nice garlicky broiled whole fish. And the people are nice. I like Carmine's a lot.

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                This is an old thread and Carmine's has closed.

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                  That was an old post, they were in business in 2008.

        1. There are a few good places worth checking out. First, I have never had a decent meal from anyplace in the Pier 17 building. I ahven't eaten in there in some time, so maybe it has changed.
          Quartino is no longer there. A restaurant called Acqua is in its place. Similar menu, but the prices seem much steeper than Quartino's. haven't tried it yet.
          Bridge cafe is good, but I've never really been wowed by dinner there. I've always felt their strength is in their brunch.
          Love Carmine's on Beekman Street. Great ols school red sauce place. Highly recommend the lasagna, pasta alla Amatriciana and lobster fra diavolo.
          Il Brigante, next to Carmine's has good, upscale Italian. Pricey, but very good.
          Salud, great pan-Latin tapas place and decent drink specials.
          Nelson Blue, first "Kiwi" bar in NYC and has really good burgers, lamb chops,wines.
          If you're willing to go a bit outside of the Seaport, Les Halles and John Street has been my standby place for 5 years. Great hangar steak and frites, mussels, penne with Gruyere cheese.

          1. Acqua (was Quartino), similar food and prices. Bridge and Mark Joseph are upscale options. Table Tales is very good, still BYOB. Il Brigante is not upscale. You could try new-ish Fish Market (there are several posts if you do a search). I hardly ever eat in my own neighborhood . . .PS Little Italy might be worse :) fdr

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              Had dinner from Acqua tonight. The fennel, orange salad (now $12 was $8) and artisanal pasta with tomatoes, basil and smoked mozzarella. Didn't taste the pepperocini/hot pepper but I may have an older menu at home. Still good (its been awhile since I've been, and we've eaten most of their dishes). Table Tales is better. I need to revisit Fish Market to see how its changed . . .Otherwise I leave the neighborhood. . .