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Sep 2, 2008 05:32 AM

Arielle - Rhinebeck?

I had read about this restaurant on this board first and the couple of people who'd been there liked it (this was a month or two back, when the restaurant first opened). I'm going to be in the Rhinebeck area next week and the menu sounds pretty yummy. Has anyone been to Arielle in the last month or so and, if so, is it worth the drive from Hyde Park?


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  1. What a shame to find such a beautiful restaurant and have such a horrible dinner, along with amateur service.
    Our server hardly visited the table, NEVER poured our wine after the initial opening, never refilled our water, kept using the phrase "are you still working on that" and her partner asked if "we needed change" as we left cash. These are all very beginner moves for a waiter, and this was very disappointing.
    The food was worse than the waiter. Our first course was shared, and included "grilled" octopus and a sardine appetizer. The tentacles of the octopus were burned, black, and it was pure rubber and tasteless. The sardines were not seasoned, and bland.
    Entrees included a decent Branzino, and a very overcooked Veal Saltimbocca. Again, the edges of the veal were burned.
    I guess I should have known dessert would be equally bland and tart that was overcooked, and needed a sauce and some ice cream badly.

    I am not sure what was worse, the service or food....very dissapointed..

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      Agree with the last post. Ate there awhile back and it was okay. Went back as a guest of a couple of friends last month and it was horrible. We mentioned this to the waitperson - who wasn't that bad though somewhat harried and seemingly clueless about the specials menu- and they informed us that there was a new cook in the kitchen and the "Chef" wasn't in. Not sure what that meant but everything from our Octopis app to the Steak was overcooked and overseasoned.

      Would not spend this kind of money there again. Much prefer Gigi's, Le Petit Bistro or the new place across from Gigi's that I can't remember the name of.