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Sep 2, 2008 01:52 AM

Dinner in Rockland

Spending 2+ glorious weeks in Cushing Me. Mother in law w us for the first week. She wants to take us to dinner somewhere. I'm thinking nothing too foo foo like Primo or even In Good Company, Looking for casual but really good food, Have done the lobster thing already. What about Rustica? Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Big Fish on Route 1 where Kate's used to be. I have not heard good reports about Rustica of late; I think it's kind of tired, needs menu updating/changing. Is Lily's Bistro too foo foo? I have heard very good comments about them lately; evidently they've addressed the newcomer problems they experienced when they first opened. I plan on going myself soon.

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      I like Big Fish. In fact I've posted about it once or twice.Would like to try something different this week. What's the menu like @ Lily Bistro?

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        Typical French bistro food with a bit of flair. Local fish, meats,produce, cheeses, etc. Wine list appears to be much improved and more in style with their menu, which it wasn't when they first opened.

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          oh oh, sounds a little foo foo. ;)

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        Shooley I would probably hit Rustica or Black bull. Rustica is better I think, but neither place is foo-foo ;) Lily's is probably not what you are looking for. I really like a lot of the stuff at Rustica.

      3. Lily's may be a little too "foo foo" as you call it.

        Hmm. For casual dining in Rockland, there are a few other options (in no specific order):

        Big Fish is good. Been there once, but have friends and family that have been numerous times. Great quality and quantity of food for the money. Service was good too.

        Amalfi - Maybe a little "foo foo" for you but its a great spot to go for a lite meal (appetizers or salad) on a nice day. They're open for lunch also.

        Toast of the Town - Lunch only, but great sandwiches, very casual.

        The Black Bull - pub style food. Service can be spotty, and it can get loud inside sometimes. Food isn't fantastic but its consistently decent.

        Waterworks Pub - I have family that go at least once a month and swear their burgers are great. The two burgers I've had there were either overdone or raw. My luck, I guess.

        Sunfire Grill - Mexican food, small place. Great service, food is pretty good (not many Mexican places in Maine).

        1. I'll preface this by saying I'm not local, just a tourista -- and this place is generally love-it-or-hate-it, especially on these boards -- but Cafe Miranda is definitely not foo-foo, and I've had some nice meals there.

          Here's their website:
          Here's their menu -

          I'll be in the Rockland area this February; so wherever you go, feedback is always appreciated.

          1. One more suggestion to add to the others: I don't know what it's going to be called, but the new place at the end of the old MBNA pier is opening this weekend, evidently. They had a soft opening last week. Certainly worth checking out and probably not foo foo.

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              Same owners as the Black Bull, Mike and Mike own it. I am having lunch there today with a client, I will let you know after ! :)

            2. Report; Never went to dinner while my m-i-l was with us but finally ventured off the penninsula during week 2 of our vacation. We compared the menu in the windows of Lily Bistro and In Good Company and opted for Lily Bistro. Service was delightful from a French waitress. A good Red wine to start..some kind of Pino. The bread that was served w a creamy butter and/or a chicken pate was the hit of the night. I couldn't get enough of that bread. Waitress happily brought us more. We shared a house salad which was just oK.Hubs ordered the Duck and I ordered the Daily catch which was a Red fish served w mashed, corn and cherry tomatoes. Menu should have read Mashed potato w redfish on the side. Altho the fish portion was reasonable I would rather have had more fish and far less potato. Gave hubs most of it. The dish lacked flavor overall. Needed s&p but none on any table and I'm always afraid of insulting the chef if I ask for it. Hubs was happy was his duck but I didn't hear any raves. Had coffee but no dessert. Bill including tip ~ $100. Saldly...not really worth it. Next time we'll try IGC

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                We ate at Lily earlier this summer and had a decent meal but my big beef would be the writeup I just read in a portland magazine naming this a great new restaurant in Rockland. Time will tell...especially in Rockland.