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Sep 2, 2008 01:22 AM

Chefs in Portland for 3 nights

We are two chefs from the Cali wine country spending our honeymoon weekend in Portland. We arrive at 8 pm on a Monday and leave on Thursday morning. We are staying in downtown but are willing to travel for good food. We are looking for a few great meals and a good bar or two. We don't need over the top fancy food - we have plenty of that here in California. Just interesting good food , wine, and service. A little romance would be nice too, as it is our honeymoon. I have read through recent posts- but wanted to make sure I did not miss anything new! Thanks!

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  1.'s all pretty subjective, but for "interesting" I would lean towards something like Le Pigeon or Pok Pok, both are casual and offer up something you may not get a lot of in CA. I wouldn't however describe either one as romantic. Clyde Common also has an "interesting" menu, and a lively bar. I like the food at Lovely Hula Hands. For romantic you might consider Carlyle, which also has a charming bar. Since you are visiting chefs you should also make a point of checking out the farmers market, if your schedule allows.

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      If you just want something casual to take a break from all the big dinner kind of dining, we really liked Piazza Italia in the Pearl District for lunch when we were visiting from Los Angeles. My husband is French and we spend a lot of time in Europe and this little European deli kind of a place was great for simple antipasti, caprese salads, etc. Really nice people as well. Again not fancy or pricey-but makes a nice break while not sacrificing good food. Haven't tried the pastas but others here might know.

      Piazza Italia
      1129 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR 97209

    2. Bar: don't miss Teardrop Lounge.
      Nearby that for all things chocolate: Sahagun open Wed-Sat 10-6.
      Ken's Artisan Pizza
      Those are my non-fancy picks that will knock your socks off!
      Also agree with Kim re PP, LP and CC.

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        These are really helpful- thanks. Has anyone been to the Noble Rot- being from CA wine country, it would be nice to drink wines we don't know as well. Also- what neighborhoods/districts are the best for strolling in during the day and having the most likelihood of finding good eats? Also- we are arriving later on a Monday night- what is a good restaurant for 9pm dining on a monday?

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          Best food streets are Division, Hawthorne, Mississippi, and NE/SE 28th.
          My top winebar picks: Navarre, Noble Rot, and Pour, all on/just off 28th!
          Please report back!

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            I second Noble Rot. I love that spot.
            I would also say NW 23rd and NW 21st are great streets for walking, restaurants and window shopping.

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              I think best walking district is NW portland around the Pearl which has easy access to downtown walking or via the street car and then 21st and 23rd avenues. Also an area where great food can be found.

              In these areas look into

              Piazza Italia
              23 hoyt
              Cafe Nell
              Ken's Artisan Bakery

              Just to name a few.

              I second Kim D with the Carlyle dinner suggestion.

              The other areas of town will need a car because they are seperately clustered and with some measured distance between them.

              Again have a great trip!

          2. Noble Rot has a cool atmosphere and a good selection of wine but if you want to try lots of different Oregon wines, Oregon Wine on Broadway offers many different top end Oregon Pinots by the glass. Also, you cant go wrong with dinner at Le Pigeon and drinks or a show next door at the Doug Fir.

            1. The places that to tend to get a lot of chefs from in town and out of town are Biwa, Le Pigeon, Tanuki and Pok Pok.

              If you've read through the posts, then nothing new of note has opened up in the past few months other than Belly Timber, which is getting good reviews, but probably not worth centering a trip around (more of a neighborhood bistro place, it seems).

              If you're talking about a little romance, I like the shared plates of Toro Bravo, the quiet elegance of Ten-01, or the extreme extravagance of Lucier.

              My favorite bars are (not counting the local divey-ness of Tanuki) would be Clyde Common, Ten-01 and Teardrop Lounge.

              Have fun and congrats. Can't wait to hear where you end up.