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Mercury Grill ***** out of *****

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Mercury Grill is perennially my favorite restaurant in Dallas. Here's the scoop....

The duck liver pate melts in your mouth with a mellowness like butter. The bread is OK. The scallop is good. The steak is excellent, flavored and cooked to perfection. Moist, tender, and perfectly topped with lobster chunks. Yummy! The piece de resistance is the Souffle. It is like eating a chocolate flavored cloud and will leave you with a smile as big as Texas.

A classy traditional dining room.

The service is spotty. Most waiters are great. A few are awful. For a spotless dining experience, find a waiter who is great and remember them.

Since I am a regular diner there, I always get great service there because I know all their good waiters. Try the Mercury Grill in Dallas for unforgettable meals. I give them 5 out of 5 stars.

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