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Sep 1, 2008 10:36 PM

Killer Shrimp?

I had dinner at Aunt Kizzy's in Marina del Rey l;ast night - it is in the space where Killer Shrimp was. Did all of the Killer Shrimp locations go out of business or have they relocated?

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  1. Sadly, they both closed in the past few months.
    Would love updates if anyone hears of a new location opening!

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    1. re: annalulu

      Shocking - the one in the Marina was always crowded. I thought there were three (M.D.R., Valley and South Bay)

      1. re: flowergirl

        Yeah, sadly the one in the valley closed a while ago.

        1. re: WildSwede

          do you all consider the boiling crab/crabulous a good alternative to killer shrimp?

          1. re: samtron608

            No. I like the Boiling Crab but it's not at all the same kind of food. What you want to look for to substitute is New Orleans-style "barbecued" shrimp.

            1. re: samtron608

              If you have to have something like it, try Jack Shrimp in Newport Beach. While I think it's just an eh version of the real deal, it's the only place I can think of that puts NO style barbecued shrimp front and center on its menu

              1. re: Professor Salt

                Folks, we split a recipe tangent to the Home Cooking board. Recipes for dishes made by local restaurants are discussed on our Home Cooking board, rather than that local board.


      2. There were two locations--on Ventura, and in MDR. The one in the Valley closed a while back; the one on the West Side closed more recently, but it's still been a few months. I joined their mailing list so that they would keep me updated (since they said they were relocating, not closing) but I still haven't heard anything. Sadly to say, I think it's over.

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        1. re: recovering_vegetarian

          I am still in shock! This was the first stop everytime I was in the Marina! Have you received any replies from their mailing list??? If so PLEASE drop me a line!!!
          foodie brother
          bdevinejr @

        2. the one in the south bay (Redondo Beach) closed many years ago (like 6 years ago?). The MDR one closed more recently...(within the last few months). I liked going there but didn't go there very often...only like once a year or so.

          1. Only ate at Killer Shrimp once, some years ago during a working visit to the left coast. Really great food and I loved the simplicty of it all (and the great bread to soak up that tasty broth).
            Was also surprised to learn that Killer Shrimp is (was) owned by the great Lee Michaels, a rock keyboard player extraordinare fairly well known on the concert scene in the late '60s and early 70's.

            1. That's sad. Is JackShrimp a similar place?