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Sep 1, 2008 10:13 PM

Fearing's [DFW]

Have you ever feared trying out a new classy restaurant because you feared eating in a restaurant that had good furniture and excellent service but bad food? Bad food for over $50 per person really leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Well, never fear, Fearing's is here!

I went there for restaurant week and it was so scrumptious, I cancelled my Abacus reservation and returned to Fearing's for their regular menu meal a couple days later. I'll give you the 411 on Abacus in a separate review. Anyways, here's my Fearing's review:

ATMOSPHERE: All other restaurants simply have seats and tables in a room. Other than Antares atop the reunion tower, this is the only restaurant that has a truly unique dining atmosphere. You dine in a glass rotunda inside a classical garden. You feel like Louis XIV dining at Versailles. Wow!

FOOD: Just looking at the menu, you'd never guess that the food is excellent. I mean, tortilla soup? Isn't that in every Tex-Mex joint in Texas? Salmon? Prime Rib? Corn bread? All very common Texas fare. However, their attention to detail makes the difference. The cornbread was addictive. Get this, I'm on a low carb diet but I end up requesting 3rds on the corn bread. It was fragrant, rich, with a jalepeno punch. The Salmon was tender and not overcooked, smoked to a fragrant finish. The Sangria is NOT cool-aid with rum in it like the chain restaurants. It is made from homemade blueberry juice and quality liquers. My wife who normally doesn't drink gulped down nearly the entire pticher. My only complaint is that the prime rib was a bit overcooked even though I requested rare. It is good, but not great like a Lawry's Prime rib (but who in the universe can claim a better melt in your mouth prime rib than Lawry's?). They tend to smoke all their meats so if you don't like a rich smokey aroma on your meats, then this is not the place for you.

SERVICE: Impeccable. Within reason, the staff will never say, "no." I loved their corn bread that I had for dinner, but it was not available for lunch on a subsequent visit. I inquired about it and the waiter said that the chef will SPECIALLY PREPARE some for us. Wow!

CONCLUSION: For impeccable service and great dining in a restaurant that leaves you feeling like you just dined at Versailles, Fearing's cannot be beat. As long as you like your meat smokey and you don't order prime rib, you cannot find a better dining experience at Fearing's in Dallas. I went to 2 dozen top restaurants for Restaurant week and Fearing's is in my top 2 for food and top 1 overall. I give Fearing's 5 stars out of 5.

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  1. Thank you for an excellent review...

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      If you enjoy reading my reviews then I invite you to return the favor by writing detailed reviews of your favorite restaurants in the DFW area. I look forward to reading your reviews Scagnetti.

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        It would be helpful if you put DFW in the subject title. I know there are no Fearings in Houston, but . . .

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          Scagnetti is one of the more active people on this board. Poke around a bit and you'll find tons of input from Scagnetti and other regulars.

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            My intent was not to say Scagnetti doesn't review nor post useful reviews enough. My intent was just to get everybody to write more reviews. As a matter of fact, the reason I'm writing reviews is to thank Scagnetti for pointing out Scott's BBQ report in another thread. Thanks to him, I've found Big Al's Smokehouse. It truly is the best BBQ in Dallas. It is by the Love Field airport and that is not a part of town I hang out in so I would've never found that restaurant without Scagnetti's help. The way I say "Thank You" is to return the favor by writing thorough and useful reviews so that Scagnetti (and others) could find wonderful restaurants that they otherwise would've missed. Thanks :-)

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              I'm glad I could help. I have enormous regard for Scott and I'm disappointed that he doesn't post here more.

              You've have pointed out one of my pet peeves about the "new and improved" Chowhound. It is close to being overwhelmed with "request for restaurant recs" threads but we rarely hear back about the dining experience. Like other boards on CH, we really lack for thought out and concise restaurant reviews. To me, the reviews and the follow-up opinions have always been the backbone of CH.