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Sep 1, 2008 10:09 PM

places to get international brunch

Anybody know of a good place to get some kind of off the beaten path brunch?

Bodrum, a Mediterranean restaurant on the Upper West Side, has a fabulous brunch menu that's also a great deal -- 14.95 for coffee/tea plus bloody mary/mimosa plus a brunch dish and a piece baklava for dessert. But the thing I liked about it was that in addition to normal brunch offerings they had a few Mediterranean specific items, like Turkish scrambled eggs with feta and a chopped salad thing going. Most places serve the same brunch -- eggs benedict, croque monsieuer, bacon. Does anyone know of another place that is open for brunch and offers more worldly options?

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  1. Turkish Kitchen has a Sunday brunch buffet that offers an array of Turkish dishes along with some of the usual brunch fare.

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      I second the Turkish Kitchen Brunch: excellent selction of high quality food.

    2. Gabriela's serves a good brunch (Mexican, Columbus Ave at about 94th). DH likes the chilaquiles and huevos rancheros and I love the carmelized banana pancakes. Other Mexican breakfast items also served. I think you get one complimentary drink (margarita, etc.) with the brunch. Here's the website: .

      1. The Stanton Social does this well: breakfast bruschetta, huevos rancheros, pierogi, french onion soup dumplings, sliders, fish tacos, pizzetas, and latkes.

        Morandi does interesting pastries like grape focaccia and pistachio sweet bread, as well as omelette with oysters & capers, and wo poached eggs over favas, artichokes & escarole.

        'ino does panini and bruschettas, as well as their famous truffle egg toast.

        Public offers turkish eggs, a watermelon and feta salad, tea-smoked salmon, and bourdin noir.

        Prune has a "youth hostel" breakfast, spaghetti carbonara, a Dutch style pancake and a spicy stewed chickpeas option.

        Veselka or any similarly inclined restaurants will have perogi, blintzes, kutya, kielbasa, latkes, and borscht, etc.

        The EU has a hunter's breakfast (sliced meats, etc), smoked salmon and blinis, and the EU fry-up (a full English breakfast): fried eggs, pudding, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast.

        Pylos does a Greek take on brunch with greek omelets, greek fritatta, rice pilaf, and much of their regular lunch menu available.

        Do a tapas brunch at Tia Pol or Boqueria. A Basque country breakfast, migas, buckwheat pancakes, churros with chocolate.

        What about Aquavit? They do a Smörgåsbord brunch: herring, gravlax, smoked salmon, Swedish meatballs.

        Fatty Crab serves basically their lunch menu for brunch with one or two additional options. I haven't been, though, so I can't say for sure what the additions are.

        There's also Shopsin's insanely long menu with options from "all over the world" that are really just Kenny's creations and often have very little to do with the country being named.

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          aquavit's a great suggestion. the brunch is only available on Sunday, though.

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            Oh, and Belcourt has house made labne, shirred eggs, boudin noir, a salt cod hash, and English breakfast as well.

          2. Calle Ocho...83rd and Columus has a great sunday brunch...SO inexpensive (but reallly good) and free sangria bar. I personally LOVE the vegetarian paella and the eggs benedict.

            1. Public for sure! It has my favorite - "Turkish eggs – two poached eggs on Greek yogurt with kirmizi biber butter" for only $8.00!! And Quinoa hashbrowns. It's a great industrial space & cool crowd. Although the wait can be long, they do have complimentary coffee.