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Sep 1, 2008 09:30 PM

Your faves for best Cantonese BBQ in SF Bay: roast duck, cha siu, crispy skin roast pork, soy sauce chicken etc?

Let's hear your votes for the most authentic and tastiest Cantonese/Hong Kong style BBQ items (ideally a takeout location but will listen to what you think is the absolute best if from a high end seafood restaurant).

There is no such thing as one place that does everything perfect. I could easily nit pick one over another. So there are places that may do a fantastic roast duck, but they are weak with chickens etc.

Cheung Hing in San Francisco on Noriega Street is a great place overall, but their marinades and sauce taste very different from an above average street shop in Hong Kong (maybe it is the Toishanese prep). I want to know if there's a place that does it even better.

So yes, which BBQ/deli or seafood restaurant do you think does the best of any of the following:

soy sauce chicken
steamed chicken (similar to yellow fur/princess chicken)
bbq spare ribs (siu pai gwut)
bbq pork (cha siu)
roast pork with crispy skin (siu yok)
roast duck
lo sui duck (simmered marinated duck)

I'll go first, I am/was a huge fan of the cha siu from ABC in Foster City (prior to mgmt/ownership change). Super soft juicy cuts, great molasses slathering that sank into the pork. They did a great soy sauce chicken and easily one of the best ginger scallion oil dip sauces on the side that elevated the dish to great heights. I really like R&G Lounge's soy sauce chicken, although they end up on the sweet side most of the time.

Roast duck is done very well at Silver House in San Mateo, and I'm sure at several other good Cantonese restaurants.

Siu Yok/crispy skin roast pork, I've enjoyed a prep at Irving Seafood Market in SF, although they seem to sell no seafood, looks like a generic mom and pop grocery shop with a bit of steam table and Cantonese BBQ.

There's a place in China that does lo sui duck real well, unfortunately the name escapes me. There's a place on Stockton near Clay that does a great bbq spare ribs and the staff speak Toishanese and Cantonese, but the other items are not quite as spectacular.

The late Chef Wai (restaurant, in San Mateo) had one of the best crispy skin roast pork belly appetizers and also cha siu, all hand picked and roasted by Andy Wai himself so unfortunately one cannot enjoy this anymore.

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  1. A recent discovery for me: soy sauce chicken from Happy Bakery on Ocean Ave in SF. Don't know about authenticity, but it's quite good. One of the best that I've had, in fact. I was offered two options on type of chicken, didn't understand the first choice (yellow fur/princess chicken?), picked the "regular kind." One minor complaint tho, they made me buy the head on a half-chicken that I did not want.

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      I have had and enjoyed Happy Bakery's roast duck....

    2. I live down the street from Cheung Hing and while their roast duck is good, I prefer the crispy skinned roast duck and roast pork (siu yook) from Lam Hoa Thuan at Irving and 25th Ave.

      I like Happy Bakery's yellow feathered chicken (poached/steamed?) chicken as well.

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      1. re: manda


        Cheung Hing Chinese Restaurant
        2339 Noriega St, San Francisco, CA 94122

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          Don't know why the Places feature didn't let me add the other two addresses.

          Lam Hoa Thuan
          2337 Irving St, San Francisco, CA 94122

          Happy Bakery
          1548 Ocean Ave, San Francisco, CA 94112

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            I can guess what a "walk-around chicken" (free-range?) is, what what's yellow feathered chicken (yellow fur/princess chicken) ? How does it taste?

            1. re: intomeat

              In Cantonese it's Wong Moe Gai, but the groceries stores call it something else, like "Brown Feather Chicken" or something. Smaller than the Foster Farm ones, generally chewier. Sort of like free-range in taste but not free-range (I don't think).

          2. Had lunch at Win's today (Taraval/40th Av SF) -- the roast pork was excellent - very crispy skin and right ratio of meat/fat (I asked for a rib portion). The duck tasted good but had too much fat under the skin. Lunch rice plate was generous and came w/sauteed lettuce. My friend had the duck won ton/noodle soup. Won tons were all shrimp and came w/thin noodles in a tasty broth. It was more than she could eat.

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              I haven't been to Win's in a long, long time but it was always great. Nothing like going there on a cold night. Glad to hear it's still going strong.

              Speaking of Cheung Hing...there use to be a place near there that served Chinese BBQ...but I never remembered the name.

              1. re: ML8000

                Are you thinking about the place down a block and across the street w/a small bbq section in front and a food market in back w/butcher shop attached? It might be called Noriega Market, but I'm not sure of that.

            2. Any current favorites for cha siu in SF Chinatown specifically?

              1. I prefer Cheung Hing's siu yok over Irving seafood market. That may be because the last few times I went to Cheung Hing (around 5 oclock) they brought out a fresh pig and cut the meet right off the hooks. Their siu gnap is good too.

                Dynasty in San Jose the last time I went prepared a great suckling pig. Skin was very crispy and the meat extremely tender and juicy. That was a long time ago though.

                I live in the peninsula so whenever I crave siu yeh I have to settle with marina.