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Sep 1, 2008 09:29 PM

Shanghai Square on 13th

Does this place have any pedigree? I wanted to try it Saturday, but all the front doors & windows were opened and there was no sign of AC inside. I told the people at the front I looked forward to trying it. The staff seemed pretty clueless, just standing around looking vacantly at me as if it were perfectly normal to have their venue be roughly 85 degrees inside. I hope it's good and that it occurs to them to turn on the AC! There were barely two deuces seated that night and it's a big space.

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  1. 13th and what?...lemme know and i'll swing by...given that i just returned to NYC from Shanghai, i am happy to assume the role of Local Shanghainese Cuisine Investigator...*smiles*...

    1. It's between University Pl. & Fifth Ave. Other than Grand Szechuan on St.Mark's the neighborhood is pretty Chinese-challenged. We need them to be good...and turn on the AC in August!

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        yeah, that was my neighborhood for 7 years...Grand Sichuan is a wonderful thing though (there is nothing comparable on the UWS, at least from what i've tried so far) St.Marks GS, i used to tell them "real Sichuan style, no sugar" and it was even better...

        but i'll check out this Shanghai Place soon...

      2. Has anyone tried Shanghai Square yet?

        1. Had lunch here yesterday. One of the more generous Chinese lunch deals I've encountered, choice of soup or salad plus choice of appetizer of sorts along with a fairly ample serving of your main dish...I had hot and sour soup, pretty good, chicken wontons, all right, and the quite acceptable General Tso's chicken. Oh! And they included a few pieces of orange with the lunch, too. Not too bad and good for the neighborhood, I'll probably return someday.

          But things are a little weird at Shanghai square. The menu is essentially all Chinese, but the meal was served in a bento box. When I asked for hot mustard they told me they didn't have any, but offered me a slightly spicy mayonnaise of sorts and chili sauce. A little odd, but not much more than that.

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          1. re: layupjones

            Appreciate the report!

            What about Shanghai dishes? Any evidence of them on the menu?

            1. re: squid kun

              i walked by there last week and peeked at the menu briefly and didn't find it very encouraging. There are hardly any Shanghai dishes listed (perhaps one beef dish and one other?). I lived in Shanghai last winter/spring and none of the traditional Shanghainese dishes i used to eat regularly (e.g. lion's head pork meatballs, roast pork leg w/ greens, delicately braised shrimp, shanghai style eggplant, etc) are on the menu.

              Rather the menu is mostly standard Chinese-American stuff like General Tso's, with a slight nod towards pan-Asian (i believe i saw a Thai curry on there and another non-Chinese dish or two). So layupjones' report about standard Chinese food served in a bento box w/ chili mayo instead hot mustard sounds pretty much like what i would have expected from the glance at the menu.

              Until someone reports otherwise, it seems like it's "Shanghai" in name only.

              1. re: Simon

                i found the website
                look pretty good and there's the Authentic Shanghai dishes
                i'd like to go try the next time im near Union Sq

                1. re: orangepee

                  What "authentic" dishes? Their menu looks like a hodgepodge of American-Chinese, Thai and Malaysian dishes.

                  1. re: scoopG

                    agreed, they've got a handful of shanghainese dishes with a bunch of other stuff

                    plus the chef is from shun lee...sort of sounds like a losing recipe

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