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Sep 1, 2008 08:18 PM

Restaurants with a View...


Im looking for a restaurant with a view of the city.
I dont want to go to Panaorama!
Has anyone been to Toula? (in Westin Harbour Castle)
How about Scaramouch? or Canoe?

Id prefer something high like Panorama.

Thanking you in advance.

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  1. Been to Scaramouche and Canoe. View at Scaramouche is just okay for me. But it is often voted as the 'best view of the city' by many authorities. You can see the cityscape at the horizon level, but I guess I was just expecting more when I read all the hoopla about it. Food is pretty solid, but not too exciting. I deemed it pricey for the level of the experience I got. But to each their own!

    Canoe is similar to the view you would get at the top of the CN Tower, so a birds-eye view. I have enjoyed my meals there. You would need to request a table by the window though - the rest of the seats have a limited vantage point otherwise.

    Based on your preference for height, I would recommend Canoe. Based on the location, it would probably have a better view of the city, as Toula would probably show you the uninteresting lake Ontario for 1/2 your meal (rotation). No idea of the food at Toula.

    Cheers and Happy Eating!

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      Unless one really books ahead and is lucky enough to get a window table, depending on location, both Canoe and Scaramouche only offer partially unobstruted vierws.
      No matter what, stay away from the CN tower restaurant. Food is absolutely terrible!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Strangely enough, I went recently for a business function and the food was not as terrible as the first time I went as a 'tourist'. I definitely think they made improvements to the kitchen. The ceasar salad was actually quite nice - lots of anchovies in the dressing, just the way I like it. The dressing was not thick at all, and was a pleasing grey colour. Fresh, crisp romaine lettuce and the bacon was well fried and came in larger flakes. Also had shaved Parmaggiano Reggiano on top. I would not call it a foodie destination - but if you had to go there for a business function, definitely order the salad. It was one of the better ones I have had in the city.


        1. re: BokChoi

          The food at the CN tower used to be deplorable (high class pub grub), but I have gone several times rover the pasdt 5 years with out-of-town guests who wanted to see the view and was surprised at the high quality of the food. Yes, there are better restaurants in Toronto than 360, but if you want the best view of the City accompanied by a good (though slightly expensive) meal, 360 is the answer

      2. re: BokChoi

        I haven't been for a few years, but I recall that Toula stopped rotating.

        Overall, the food at Toula is nothing special. I would pick Canoe over Toula any day.

        1. re: BokChoi

          Toula is at a nice height, I think -- you're high enough to have a view without being so far that everything is tiny. You still feel like you're "in" the city rather than above it. Since it's at the waterfront, you're removed from the cluster of skyscrapers and thus able to actually see them (and they are the best part of the skyline, I think!). I am not much of an Italian food connoisseure, but I did enjoy the brunch I had there. Pasta was nice. And yeah, it doesn't rotate anymore.

        2. Go to Canoe ! But you have to specify what window view you want to have. There is one which is viewing the lake, the other side is viewing CN tower and able to see sunset. But usually they said they cannot guarantee the window seat.

          1. Just wanna throw out the 18th floor of the Park Hyatt. It's a bar, but the tapas menu is pretty good with a lot of choice, and the patio outside has one of the better views of the city.

            1. I would choose Scaramouche over Canoe, but maybe that's just me. I prefer the cooking, the sommelier, and the service. The view isn't as good, but hey, for me it's always about the food first. The view at Scaramouche is only on offer until it's converted to condos so really Canoe could wait as it's staying put.

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                Ditto on Scaramouche. Get it while you can!