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Sep 1, 2008 07:33 PM

BBQ in Houston

I take my sister to eat BBQ when she is in town from NY. I am looking for a place open on Tuesday - not Thelma's or Papa's.

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  1. Goode Company on Kirby and Buffalo Speedway has always worked for me.

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      Sadly , in the last few years the sauce at Goode Co now has
      Changed to a mixture which seems more hot sauce
      Than his original recipe from yrs ago. We wont go back and we
      Went for over 20 yrs. Fire whoever ruined his true sauce!

    2. If you want to take a little drive, go up to Huffman, across the FM1960 Lk Houston Bridge and check out Just Passin Thru' Jazzy's a bus on the right hand side of the street next to an antique shop and ice machine...They are really nice and the BBQ is GREAT! Make sure to get the potato is the best I have ever had!! And, good luck, there are a lot of good BBQ around town.

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        You were right on target chefaltieri. This is some of the best barbeque I have ever tried - not a small feat being a native Texan who cut her eye teeth on brisket.

        I've driven past this place many times and had never tried it. To drive past it, it looks just like a bus on the side of the road except for the signs. You get on the bus and once in - wow a bus with a restaurant inside. I sampled their brisket, links, ribs, potato salad, beans, and lemon cake. It was all delicious. The brisket was very tender and fell apart on the fork, well smoked with a 1/2 inch smoke ring. The links were also very good - not sure if they are locally made or not. Either way, yummy. The ribs were also good and tender. The potato salad was a little on the sweet side but delicious nevertheless. Beans were more of the baked variety. And the cake....well, it was a very moist lemon bundt cake handmade by the owner. She said she makes fresh desserts every day. It is obvious that this lovely couple (who drive in from south 288) love to cook and it shows. Plus they are very friendly. I plan on going back soon and trying their burgers, hand cut fries, dirty rice, collard greens, fried oka, etc. etc. Oh yes, they will be starting a soul food menu soon. Wow - a boon for our little Huffman area.

        I moved into the Dayton area from Montrose - a culture shock to be sure and have pined for all the good food that was within an arms length of me. Slowly, I'm discovering these little gems. I would never have imagined that the food would be this good. I took some photos which I will try to post on the local chowhound site this evening. Thanks for the heads up.

        Info: Just Passin Thru Jazzy Bar-B-Que, 12110 FM 1960 East, Huffman, Phone: 281-324-6610. Hours: Tues-Sat 11:00 - 7:30 or so.

      2. You need to try Pierson & Co. on T C Jester. It's a small place, but great BBQ. Google it, there are reviews all over the place, and even on this board.

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          if you are a serious chowhound, i recommend pierson's too. however it's a to go place so hopefully you live close by. you can eat there on the narrow countertops they installed along one window but it's not an ideal situation.

          i'd recommend luling city market if you want to go to a "restaurant." you still won't get table service there but the dining room is pretty large and the location is convenient too.

          burns and virgie's made the texas monthly top 50. i haven't been to either but i think both of them may be closed on tuesday.

          texas monthly top bbq article:

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            They have actually added a few tables at Pierson's, so it's not like it was when you went, jenny. And they are open on Tues. from 11 am - 7pm.

        2. I have never had a bad experience at Houston Barbecue Company on Eldridge. I love the food and the people have been very friendly. Farther afield, Midway market in Katy is solid, too.

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