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Sep 1, 2008 06:48 PM

Girls' Night Out in the SF Valley

Can anyone recommend a good place for a casual dinner for girls' night out between Studio City and Woodland Hills? Thanks in advance!

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  1. This is closer to Studio City than Woodland Hills, but my girlfriend and I had a blast at Pinot Bistro on Ventura. It is part of the Pinot chain, which I have never been dissapointed with. The food was excellent, the wine was great and it had a really nice feel.

      1. A few different ideas...

        Boneyard Bistro can be fun
        Aroma on Tujunga is casual and is a fun area
        Oliva Italian is more relaxed
        Spazio can be nice and sometimes has music
        Alcazar in Encino if you feel like some good ethnic
        Hugo's if you're in search of some healthier fare, and the patio is nice

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        1. re: Emme

          it's not often that i disagree with any of your recommendations, but imho, Hugo's does not come close to the others on your list. Unexciting food and place.

          1. re: westsidegal

            eh different strokes, depends on the group as to whether it would be palatable for the group..

        2. My girls group sometimes does dinner in the Valley. We have been to Carnival (twice), Katsu-ya in Studio City (not my choice, I don't like it), Stanley's, LaLa's Argentinian. We like to try to keep it under $20 per person. Some are wine drinkers and some don't drink. Carnival was a pretty big hit (my recommendation). Obviously we don't care about atmosphere, it's more about the talking.

          1. Boneyard Bistro, Sushi House of Taka, Il Tiramisu, Aroma bakery Cafe (on Venura in Encino-different from the tujunga one), Jingo, Dai Chan, Max, Spumante, Vitello's Express, Gorikee, The Great Greek, Alcazar, Cedar House Cafe, Senor Fred, Hummus Bar, Lann Thai, Red Square, Sushi 4 on 6,....