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Sep 1, 2008 05:57 PM

Assistance for Seattle Multi-Day Visit

Will be in town September 10-14.

We have Crush on the schedule for Thursday Night and Matt's for Friday Lunch.

What I am looking for in recommendations. We will be staying at Hotel Alexis, and w/o wheels.

Wine Bar


Jazz Bar/upscale not teeny bopper joints


New American/NW cuisine

Thanks is advance.

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  1. Be sure to try Restaurant Zoe. I can also recommend Union, The Brooklyn and Tulios. Skip The Metropolitan for steak. Grossly overpriced and they'll pressure you to eat fast so they can turn the table.

    1. Hmmm, wine bar - downtown. That's a toughie. I'm sure you'll get recommendations for Purple but, in my experience, the staff is just too undereducated about wine to justify going there. ymmv.

      For an upscale jazz bar - try The Triple Door. And you could have your New American/NW cuisine meal at Union either before or after.

      1. steak/seafood-- one of the best ribeyes i've had is at Steelhead Diner in Pike Place mkt. the brabant potatoes they come with are excellent as well. plus about half the price of similar elsewhere ($17 for a half portion, which is plenty unless you're truly ravenous, $29 for full). they do seafood as well (get the fried smelts appetizer or black cod). For something a bit more formal (and expensive), Waterfront Seafood Grill. Wagyu steaks at Canlis (but seafood there forgettable)

        sushi/sashimi-- Nishino

        1. Have Shiro Down for Wednesday night. I am fine w. servers not being familar on the wine, I can generally hold my own there. I am leaning heavily towards Union, wine list looks excellent.

          Also any suggestions for excellent coffee near Hotel Alexis?

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            Try Cherry Street Coffee between First and Second on Cherry if you're inclined to sit a spell. For a take away cup, I love the Illy Cafe they serve at Bottega Italiana on First near Pike Place Market. Bonus: the gelato there is killer.

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              shiro tends to have small portions for sushi/sashimi in my experience (ymmv). i believe shiro has left the room and they are redoing the menu a bit (they have already dropped the crab cream croquette). also unlike Nishino they eschew nontraditional preps like torching the sushi if that's what you like.

            2. The original comment has been removed