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Sep 1, 2008 05:44 PM

Breakfast on the road

In a couple of days I am going to be driving from the east bay to reno. I'm going to be leaving early in the morning, and was hoping to have a good breakfast to get me through a lot of long meetings later in the day. I will be driving on I-80 almost the entire way. My criteria is a place with good pancakes, close(ish) to the freeway, and isn't too close to either the east bay or Reno. That way I can break the trip up better.

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  1. Well, how about halfway - eat in Sacramento at Cafe Bernardo ?

    Map it at the red bubble link below.

    Menu at

    Cafe Bernardo - Midtown
    2726 Capitol Ave, Sacramento, CA 95816

    1. Katrina's Cafe in Auburn, just a couple of blocks off I-80. Locals spot, great food.