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Sep 1, 2008 05:42 PM

City of Leicester, England

My husband will be hosting a conference in Leicester, England next week. Breakfast and lunches are covered, but he hopes to find good Indian and/or Chinese dinners within walking distance of Holiday Inn City Centre. He would also like suggestions for a nearby bakery that makes good cream pastries. We currently live in the central U.S., but he grew up in England and remembers these pastries fondly! Oh, and he just asked about sausage rolls, too! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Anne, a friend of mine lives in Leicester so I'm going to ask her for some good (I hope) recommendations. She's very savvy about travel and food, so we'll see what she knows about her own city!

    1. Thank goodness for cut and paste. Here are some tips from my friend.

      Right, the Holiday Inn is at the far end of the main street, so all he has to do
      is walk down it and he'll come to sundry shops etc (and The Shires shopping
      centre on the left). If he walks down to the clock tower and takes the last
      right turn just before it he'll pass a bakers' shop. Can't remember what it's
      called, but he'll get a sausage roll there. He won't be short of places to get
      one anyway. There are all the bog-standard chains either in the Shires or around
      the clock tower area (the main part of Leicester central) but, like most UK
      towns, independent places are few and far between in the centre (rates/rents).

      Further along that (small) road is the market, which is worth a wander if he's
      around in the daytime.

      For the Indian meals go to Belgrave Road (not v far, but too far to walk
      easily...he'll need a taxi, prob) where he'll find a myriad of restaurants, all
      of which are v good (they have to be, for the local Asian population). Bobby's,
      which is vegetarian, has even had a write-up in the Guardian! There are also
      good Indian & other restaurants on Melton Road, which isn't too far to walk
      (he'll probably need a map one from

      should help. is
      the Bobby's review.

      Have just remembered there's an Italian restaurant (Dino's)under the Haymarket
      theatre (walk to the clock tower (about 5/10 mins from H Inn), turn left, up the
      steps to the theatre on the right) which I went to and which was very pleasant.

      I hope all this is of some help for your husband.

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        Hi Anne,

        As zuriga1 says, if your husband crosses the road from the Holiday Inn (it is surrounded by ring road!) over to High Street, this will lead him into the city centre. On High Street itself there is a Chinese restaurant called Shanghai Moon which is fairly good. I haven't been for about a year, but they do dim sum in the daytime (at weekends at least) and have a fairly standard UK/chinese menu in the evenings. I am fairly sure they have a Chinese language menu too as everything the Chinese customers has seems to look more interesting!

        For Indian food he has lots of choice. I would explore a couple of these rather than going for Chinese personally. These would be my recommendations- either get a cab to Belgrave Road as suggested and go to The Khyber restaurant (they have a website with menus you can google for), or Sayonara Thali restaurant. Sayonara is vegetarian (as is Bobby's mentioned above). Alternatively, in the city centre on Granby Street, quite close to Leicester railway station is Halli - another vegetarian, South Indian restaurant (this has a website with menus). This would be about a 10 minute walk across the city centre. Halli also have a new branch on Belgrave Road but I have not been there yet.

        Or if he could walk10 mins away from the city centre and onto Narborough Road. There is a Indian bar/restaurant called R Code. Service can be slow but the food is good - I recommend the chicken or lamb saag and the keema samosas are divine. There are also a couple of Punjabi vegetarian places on Narborough Road, called Sardaar and Star Vashnu Dharba. Both are very basic and canteen like, no alcohol allowed, but tasty and incredibly cheap food. Also there is the Tamarind on Hinckley Road (A47) which is a typical Anglo-Indian restaurant.
        I have eaten at all of these and they are all good. Khyber and Halli are probably best in terms of surroundings and service.
        For pastries, I am struggling to think of somewhere. There is a small bakery I like for pasties/sausage rolls towards the end of Market Street in the city centre, opposite Fenwicks, but it is nothing fancy. There is also a nice new cafe just off High Street called Cafe Mbriki - have not been there yet but it looks good for coffee/pastries.

        Hope that helps!

        1. re: nerdgirl72

          My husband got back from his trip yesterday and wanted me to thank you for your recommendation of Halli. He ended up going there---TWICE. The first time he went with several other attendees of the conference. It was a very international group---American, Chinese, Iraqi---just to name a few. They all enjoyed the "walking tour" to the restaurant, then my husband ordered several different items for them all to share. He says it was the BEST Indian food he's ever had. I'm jealous I didn't get to go! All the others enjoyed it as well.
          My husband enjoted it so much that he returned on his last night in Leicester. Since he was a solo diner that night he ordered the thali. Once again, he was completely blown away by how good it all was.
          Many thanks!

          1. re: Anne

            Hi Anne,

            Thanks for coming back to let us know how he got on. Halli is really good and it would allow him to see a bit more of the city too. You'll have to insist on coming along next time!