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anyone ever eat at Pasquales in Port Chester?

we drive past this unassuming place all the time and it is always packed yet I never see reviews or hear people talking about it. I figured if it was worth a trip the fellow hounds would be the people who would know. Has anyone been there and is it worth heading over to???

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  1. I haven't been there, but I've had other people tell me it was good. I'll be interested to see the other responses.

    1. My fiance loves that place! I've never been but she's picked up stuff from there on many occasions, and it's quite good. Definitely a step above the normal Italian joint.

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          Here u go...

          Pasquale's Ristorante
          2 Putnam Ave
          Port Chester, NY 10573
          Phone: (914) 934-7770

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            Near Frank's, then? I'll have to look for it. Although they're not cheap and look like they use squeeze bottles for the dessert (squeeze bottles in an Italian restaurant??), they look interesting and I bet they have their own lot.



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              hmmmm..... they do take out? Maybe I should try that first. if anyone else tries it let me know.

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                They do take out also but I recommend eating there. Frank the owner is great and the waiters are very pleasant. The fried calamari is the real thing and wonderful.

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                They are not expensive. You get enough on your plate for two and also get a side of pasta or vegtables. Cheap is Applebee's.

        2. Isn't this related to the one in the Bronx??

          1. I have been eating there for years. I have never had a bad meal. Food is of good quality and always consistent. Service is also very good. Try the fried calamari, the dipping sauce is great! Good local Italian Food.

            1. We eat there all the time. Reservations are recommended. Takeout is also great. They are not related to a restaurant in the Bronx, but the owner worked at Dominic's on Arthur Ave for many years. Same artichoke and mussels served here. Good food. Crowd is a bit old and gray probably because the portions are big and the prices are very reasonable.

              1. It is MOST definitely worth it. We have been eating there for years. The food is GREAT, always consistant and its a big portion. The prices are very reasonable. Chicken Santabocco is two big pieces of chicken in a wonderful light sauce layered with procuitto, eggpant and mozzarella. My favorite. And you get a choice of side dish (enough for 2) of pasta or a vegtable. This dish is only $18 dollars!

                1. I've never eaten here, but my mother raves about it and she's pretty good about sniffing out good restaurants.

                  1. Pretty ordinary. Reasonably priced but nothing to write home about. Alba's is considerably better and just down the street.

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                      sorry, i find albas to be mediocre,

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                        Agreed....Alba's left me very unimpressed.

                    2. Save your money as well as your palate and aggrevation, Pasquale's bills itself as a Bronx trattoria,..it's nothing of the sort. Food and service are both terrible!!! Food is city priced, but of terrible quality,...fish was the absolute worst!!! Nothing really fresh on the menu. Worst than the food was the service. Wait staff missed delivering an entree, didn't get any of the sides which we ordered, no refills of our water glasses.