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Sep 1, 2008 03:59 PM

Lunch near Riddle Hospital

Have to go for testing at Riddle and will have time to kill between two appointments. Any suggestions for lunch nearby?

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  1. There's the Riddle Ale House across the street. I've never eaten there, so, can't tell you if good or bad.

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    1. Eat lunch at "House" at 110 S Jackson Street in Media. Excellent panini and salads. Everything is extremely fresh and flavorful. You will not be disappointed. There may be a wait since the place is small and run by a husband and wife team.
      Trader Joe's is 1 block away from House if you have time to shop.

      1. The Riddle Ale House is pretty unremarkable. Go into Media, as suggested. The Iron Hill Brewery is on State Street, right next door to Trader Joe's. It has good beer and food, with a new expanded menu. La Na is also good for fresh, beautiful Thai food. There must be about 10 or 15 restaurants to choose from on State Street alone. Any one of them is probably better than the Ale House.

        Hope all goes well with your tests.

        1. There is also Peking in the Granite Run Mall across the street, it's better than the Peking branch in Media but if you have the time I agree that you should head into Media and have lunch on State Street. Nadia Thai has good noodle dishes.

          There's also a really good farm stand with local produce about 30 seconds away from the hospital. It's called Wolff's Apple House. Head west on Rt. 1 (away from Media) and turn left on 452, it's a few hundred yards down on the left. Their cider doughnuts are great.