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Sep 1, 2008 03:35 PM

Las Vegas--Where I ate on the Strip Aug 2008

I hadn't been to Vegas in a several of years. Wow, the Strip has really raised its game! A high number of the restaurants seem to be successful concepts from NY and LA and a number are from few from other cities as well. Since we live in NYC, we tried to avoid NYC restaurants, but our last night we broke down and ate at the Palm--it was very good. Anyhow, here's a list of where I ate last week while hanging out on the strip (and losing money in the process). Maybe this can help someone plan their trip (we did little planning I confess).

Le Burger Sports Bar, Paris Hotel--disappointing. I have had many a better burger and fries at that price point. Honestly, the food tasted like food service quality, i.e. salty fries out of a bag, mediocre burger meat quality and flavor. This is a skip for future visits.
Red 8, Wynn--very pricey, but tasty Asian fusion. We enjoyed our meal of sauteed beef w/vegetables and seafood udon noodles. The soups looked really good and hearty and we regretted failing to order a soup.
Burger Bar, Mandalay Place--Excellent burger and vanilla shake and zucchini fries. I can't wait to return! The entire meal was well done.
Joe's Seafood and Steak, Caesar's--we had an entirely seafood meal and it was very well prepared and flavorful. I especially enjoyed the mixed bread basket and my broiled seafood platter. Excellent service. Another must do again.
Bouchon, Venetian--We had Sat Brunch. I had the halibut special--perfect in every way. BF had corned beef hash, which he declared and A+. NYC could use this fuller version of Bouchon, the version we have pales in comparion to the full restaurant. I am happy that I have the cookbook, now I need to actually make something from it!
Mon Ami Gabi, Paris-- had a really good Bouillaibaise while seated on the terrace. It was later evening dining at its best. We enjoyed the ater show while dining--lovely!
The Palm, Caesar's--we liked out 28 oz Porterhouse, it was cooked perfectly, hash browns and sauteed garlic and oil broccoli. We want to try the NYC version soon.
Canaletto, Venetian--mimics a venetian side walk cafe. I had gnocchi with lamb ragu. They forget to bring our salads however. They offered to bring them out but we already had our food, so we said never mind. The main courses were very good. Too bad about the service on the salad.
Border Grill, Mandalay Bay---the best upscale Mexican food I've had in a long while. My shrimp tacos and pomegrate margarita were excellent. The drinks are made with fresh juices and the flavoring of the food is a clear cut above. Reminds me of fine dining in Mexico City.
Boulangerie, Paris--a good place to stop for sandwiches on a criossant or coffee, tea or pastry at reasonable prices.

Overall, we were very pleased with the food and we have many places left to try on a next trip. We only had the one dud of a meal! I must say the service levels were generally very good to excellent as well. NYC has far more variable service levels at restaurants.

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  1. I'm sure that will be a help, as you say, to those looking in Las Vegas. Good job. Up to date information is important, as you know.

    I enjoyed SeaBlue inside the MGM Grand Hotel. I had halibut prepared in a tagine. The moistest and most tender a halibut I've ever eaten and I order it often at a variety of restaurants. I ate by myself at the bar at a relatively slow time and really enjoyed everything - the interior waterfall and design, the service personable and professional, the food quality excellent.
    Other great ones in that hotel also.

    For others, here is a link to a previous post on CH, Dec, 2007.

    1. Thanks for the thorough run through. Have a question- what made you choose The Palm over the other two steakhouses in Caesar's complex? (Nero's and BOA) I will be in LV in 2 weeks and we are trying to decide which one out of the three. I figured on The Palm since we are not "scene" people and probably will be dressed rather casually. So really its between Nero's and The Palm. Did you nix Nero's for any particular reason or was it just not considered? Thank you for your post, it will come in handy in a few weeks!

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        Though i've not been to many Vegas Steak houses, I was very impressed by Nero's. Aside from Mastro's in Costa Mesa, CA it's the best steakhouse I've been to. I look forward to next Saturday at Craftsteak as a Vegas comparison.

        1. re: mkmccp

          We just got back from Vegas and had another fabulous meal at the Palm. I have been to BOA and was not impressed. The food was ok but I really didn't care for the space. As far as dress goes, one of the things that I like about the Palm is that you see everything from jeans to evening wear and everyone seems to feel comfortable.