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Sep 1, 2008 03:33 PM

Brock University Student looking for Inexpensive Good Eats in St. Catharines/Niagara area

basically what the title says.... any suggestions

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  1. Not sure what defines 'inexpensive' for a University student (student loans be damned), but the only place I know of around that area is Anna Olson's Bakery. I heard the sandwiches are good. The quiches are great IMO. Avoid the croissants.

    Quiche pic:

    Cheers and Happy Eating!

    1. Depends on the type of food you are looking for, and whether you are stuck in St. Catharines (i.e. no car). If you pick up a copy of Pulse, a free weekly that you'll find on campus, there are lots of suggestions. Here are a few ideas:

      -In downtown St. Catharines, Carlos Cantina on St. Paul Street is great, authentic Mexican. In the Market, there is a vendor that sells delicious sandwiches; Helen's Deli on James Street is also great for German-style stuff. Right next to the market, on King Street, is a super little Lebanese place that does great falafals, baklava, etc. (can't remember the name, sorry). Spicy Thai on Church Street and Sahla Thai on St. Paul are also good choices. There are also a couple of sushi places downtown that offer all you can eat, but again I don't remember the names.

      -In Fonthill, Keith's Restaurant is a nice little diner that serves some of the best homemade pie in the universe. Decent breakfasts too.

      -In Welland, you can't beat the Blue Star on King Street for the authentic Hungaro-Welland cheap dining experience. Evelyn's Sandwich Factory on Niagara Street and Arcuri's Deli on Crowland are both great places for a sandwich; Arcuri's also has superb homemade Italian ice cream in the warmer months. The lemon ice may be the most refreshing thing you've ever tasted. M.T. Bellies on Niagara Street is a very popular bar and roadhouse with decent food that sets it apart from the chains. If you're interested in cooking for yourself at all, go to the Welland farmers' market on a Saturday morning in September. It may be the very best producers' market in Ontario, and at this time of year it is just bursting with fresh local produce. Last weekend I bought a heaping quart of assorted heirloom tomatoes for $2.50. Excellent meats and pastries are also available.

      -For a whole weekend of affordable eats and good times, don't miss the Niagara Food Festival in Welland on October 3-5, 2008:

      -The Smokin' Buddha has a restaurant on King Street in Port Colborne, but can also be found at the Fonthill, Welland, and Port Colborne farmers' markets. They offer an eclectic, well-made variety of foods from all over the world.

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        thanks alot! i have a car so some of those sound like pretty decent suggestions. anything else more in the st. catharines area would be appreciated

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          i ate at bluestar and had a great breakfast, any other ideas not as far?

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            Vaugnes (bad spelling, eek) downtown on st.paul I believe has really cheap and tasty middle eastern food. not a date place though (although Ive been on a few).
            Antipastos off martindale (google for address) is an italian run grocery with a small sitdown area, specializing in prepared food. Their turkey meatballs (frozen) and breaded eggplant are fantastic, but these are more take home items.
            I second spicy thai. Bansari the indian place downtown on st.paul was good and cheap years ago....
            Also love joe fetas for greek on lake (lakeport?), although havent been there in ages.

      2. Outside of the great suggestions already given, Big Marcos at 4th/Martindale (plaza behind the Esso) is good, cheap Italian. Head OTR (over the river) to Niagara Falls New York since you have a car to La Hacienda on Pine Street for great, cheap Italian.
        Treadwell's in Port Dalhousie for a special dinner. Wellington Cafe is also a local favourite (downtown St.Catharines).

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          For the yummiest lemon marangue pie (and tarts!) I've ever had, head to the Pie Plate in Virgil. The rest of their baking and lunches are decent too.

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            If you are going across the river be sure to check out gagsters for amazing pizza. My fave is the white. Also located downtown niagara falls, close to la hacienda (i second this approval although I havent been in over 10 years).

          2. refer to the above thread restaurants in St. Catharines....

            1. You may want to try the restaurant at the Niagara College Teaching Winery.