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Sep 1, 2008 03:01 PM

LA fish market? Which is best near West Hollywood?

Hi Ii just recently moved from New York City to Los Angeles and was very surprised by the lack of selection at both Whole foods and Bristol Farms. Both were recommended for the freshness of the fish however the selection was very slim. Does anyone know of a good (or better yet great) LA fish market? I live near West Hollywood. I'm trying to get Monk fish but orders takes days. Help!


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  1. you can get Monk fish (domestic and imported) almost every day from the Galleria supermarket in Koreatown. Corner of Western and Olympic. Much cheaper than Whole Foods and fresher.
    Otherwise there's a guy who sells fish at the Larchmont farmer's market that's pretty good. Many people like the fish merchant at the Hollywood FM as well.

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        Thank you for this! I just bought trout from Whole Foods on Fairfax that turned out to be rotten (ew). Will try the farmer's market from now on!

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          Fresh seafood in Los Angeles is a thing of the past. All the seafood outlets (Phils, Gordon's) are gone. The same with the Seafood House restaurants, Hymies, Maryland Crab House, Jacks at the beach and others are all gone. There is still McCrormicks, but the last time I was there it was disapointing.Yet, southern California folks crave their seafood. You can get live shellfish at the Redondo Pier and a fair selection of fish. If you want fresh seafood with a good selection, you can go downtown LA early and buy from one of the wholesale places that sell to restaurants. Bring cash. and good luck.

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          Yes- Koreatown is your closest bet for great quality (and vastly more affordable) fish than what you'd otherwise get at FUB™ (*see footnote) places like Santa Monica Seafood or Tusquella's in the Farmers Market (which is supplied by Santa Monica Seafood).

          There the little kosher fishery near Fairfax and Oakwood, and they do make their own lox there (which they thinly hand slice) but if you're thinking Russ & Daughter's you'll be sadly disappointed. But for what it is, the lox is quite tasty (more of a gravlachs than a belly lox, but it does the trick when I'm in the mood). I found the smoked whitefish kind of dry.

          Assi Supermarket on 8th and Oxford (Koreatown) has a selection of live tanks with all manner of both fresh (and freshly killed) fish, and is a spectacular market in its own right. Great produce selections, great prices, and if you feel like a Korean surf-n-turf, some awfully tasty raw marinated galbi which is often on sale for about $4.00/lb I believe.

          If you feel like going further afield into the San Gabriel Area, you'll find no end to the vast live tank selection of fish. They stock everything from red snapper to Maine lobster to blue crab, longneck clams, and some even stock turtles and bullfrogs. Pretty amazing.

          Mr Taster

          * FUB™ =

        3. Part of your problem is that you are in the Weho area, where rents are high, and the WFMs on Fairfax, at 3rd and Santa Monica Blvd., are both small units as is the Bristol Farms on Sunset. The BH version of Bristol should be better, yet...
          The 3rd St. Whole Foods is expanding, and may, though hardly sure, expand the seafood department in the process.
          Fish King in Glendale and SM Seafood are the larger stores, yet not overly proximate

          1. One thing you'll find about LA is that it's often necessary to do some traveling to get what you need. For instance, for a great fish market you'll need to head over to the Little Tokyo area.

            1. Fresh fish is pretty lousy in LA. The fish truck at the Weho Farmer's market is pretty dependable. The truck and the fisherman at the Hollywood Farmer's Market are generally quite good.