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Sep 1, 2008 02:43 PM

Recommendations near Harvard Square and Kendall Stations

Hi Chowhounds, I am looking for some recommendations around Harvard Sqaure Station (staying a few blocks west) or Kendall Station (working here). Any bakeries, coffee shops, or any ethnic cuisineof the following worth going to? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Kendall sq has some great eats within a short walk - Mulan (Taiwanese) tops the list (look for reccs on the board), very good Puerto Rican lunches at Izzy's, Helmand, a bit more of a walk, has very good Afghan - and it's by far the fanciest of the three - fine enough for special meals. Hungry Mother has wonderful, interesting takes on Southern cooking, and Oleana, for higher end but also very interesting food, is also a decent walk. There's a thread that has both Kendall and lunch in the title, or do a search for any of the above...In Harvard Sq, try Crema, a new coffee place, or the Hi Rise for well made, somewhat unusual sandwiches. Again, a search for Harvard will bring other ideas...Don't miss the cubano at Chez Henri!

    1. I agree with the Helmand rec, and even though it's nicely appointed in what seems an authentic decor, it's inexpensive. Emma's Pizza is also in Kendall, for gourmet style pie.

      In Harvard Square, there is also Veggie Planet and Darwin's. And since you're staying west of the square, you might not be far from Gran Gusto, which I haven't gotten to yet, but purportedly has neapolitan style pizza (as well as other good stuff) that'll knock your socks off.

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        Haven't been in a few years but Helmand is great. Emma's pizza is a bit bland for my taste. Gran Gusto is authentic Neapolitan pizza. It's very good but I personally prefer Flatbread and Fig's. Darwin's is a nice sandwich shop.

      2. There are lots of great Kendall Sq. lunch recommendations in the Kendall Square Lunch thread:

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          fredid, pollystryene, mangorita - thanks for your suggestions and help.

        2. Close to Hungry Mother is The Blue Room which serves very good New American fare (dinner only).

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            nasilemak, thanks for the Blue Room recommendation. I did try to make a reservation for Hungry Mother, but they didn't have any availability between 5:30pm and 9:00pm. Next time.

            After a very long day, I was really looking forward to the Blue Room. We had the cauliflower puree soup. It was delicious, though much thinner than I expected - was expecting a heavier "puree". It had some lemon oil and a few little pieces of lobster.

            For our entrees, I had the Veal Scallopini, which was breaded and stuffed... though not 100% sure what it was stuffed with... didn't have a huge impact. It came with crispy polenta (though not that crispy), and red wine mushroom sauce. The combination of all the items on the plate was great.

            My husband had the roasted chicken with morrocan spices, swiss chard and mashed potatoes. The chicken was very juicy, and the swiss chard was more like sauteed spinach.

            Overall, an excellent meal and would go back again. Thanks

          2. Harv Square :
            the cubano sandwich at the bar at chez henri- is justly famous. they also do many lovely things for dinner (latin and french mostly; longtome owner/chef)and it is very comfy attractive place.( however, about a 15 min walk from the square) Casablanca is my fav spot in the square itself- comfortable congenial lively place with a lot of moroccan and mediterranean influenced foods; famous murals of scenes from the film.
            both are longtime neighborhood favorites where you will get a real feel for 'Cambridge types'!