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Sep 1, 2008 02:22 PM

Best Service in Kansas City

What Restaurant's in Kansas City Metro area have the best service.

1) Fine Dining

2) Upscale

3) Casual

4) Bar and Grill

5) Diner

and any other type that you can think of


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  1. Fine Dining - The American Restaurant / Bluestem
    Upscale - Michael Smith
    Casual - M&S Grill
    Bar and Grill - Paul and Jack's in NKC, too bad the food isn't as good as the service
    Diner - Jerry's Woodswhether Cafe and The Corner Cafe in Riverside
    I'll add BBQ - Oklahoma Joe's

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    1. re: zataar

      Fine Dining- Blue Stem / Cafe des Amis
      Upscale- Michael Smith / Room 39
      Casual- Cafe al Dente / Pot Pie
      Bar and Grill- Bulldog / Flying Saucer / Harry's Country Club
      Diner- Cascone's in the River Market
      I'll add Sushi- Sushi House in Leawood.

      1. re: zataar

        Although you can't shine at service when people order at a counter, I have to agree about Oklahoma Joe's. One day my meal took a little longer to come out. I hadn't particularly noticed, but the manager came out, apologized and compted the meal.

      2. Fine dining/upscale: Capital Grille on the Plaza has hands-down the best service in Kansas City. (I have eaten there 10 - 15 times, and never had a bad experience.)

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        1. re: TL Niles

          True, but the food is marginal and ridiculously over-priced.

        2. Fine Dining -Bluestem
          Upscale - Room 39
          Casual - You Say Tomato
          Bar and Grill- Bulldog
          Diner- The Corner Cafe

          1. 1)Pachamama's 2)Extra Virgin 3)Blanc @ Mission Farms 4)The bar @Blue Stem 5)Town Topic

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            1. re: inbiz

              I'll second the vote for Blanc Burgers and Bottles at Mission Farms. Our server this past week went above and beyond. She noticed our table was wobbly, got down and hands and knees, adjusted the legs, and them went to wash her hands before taking our order. It was busy, too. We were so appreciative. You just can't beat that kind of attention to detail, and in a burger place!

              1. re: amyzan

                That is dedication! I like the one out south because the bar seats are more comfortable, the parking is better and the bartender rocks. Other than that, everything is the same, even alot of the staff.