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Sep 1, 2008 02:04 PM

Boise recommendations?

I'll be in Boise later this month for a wedding in the downtown area (the art museum). Glancing at this board, the write-ups on the still existing restaurants are a bit discouraging.

So, I'm asking for some up-to-date chowhound recommendations on places to eat near downtown. Looking for delicious, lively and fun-- any style/ethnicity/price point is ok. Is there a local place I shouldn't miss?

Thanks very much for your advice.

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  1. Yes, Boise is a little depressing these days for foodies ...

    Bardenay is a solid choice and pretty close to the museum. Berryhill is great too (and a little more upscale). If you have a way to get over to Eagle, I have some other suggestions for you ...

    Enjoy your visit.

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    1. re: almostsarah

      If I was you, I would pack a cooler. The food scene in Boise is dismal. The chains are a solid bet as they are at least consistent in delivery, or you can take your chances and get overpriced, poorly cooked meals from the locals.

      1. re: foodman1

        Aw, c'mon, it's not that bad, certainly not bad enough to recommend the chains over the local restaurants.

    2. Downtown? Lively? Try 'Bar Gernika' on Capital Blvd. Not too pricey and just up the street from the museaum . Basque bar food. (not tapas) Funky little dive full of people. The croquettes and lamb sandwich are good but it's been while since I was there.

      1. It is quite casual, but I am a HUGE fan of Brick Oven Bistro ... and if you are a pizza lover, Guido's is the best pizza outside of NY.

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        1. re: boisenewbie

          We had a great dinner at Milky Way last year. Are they still around?

          1. re: zataar

            Sorry..Milky Way is no longer there. A few comments: dinner downtown...recommend Berryhill. Decent Thai is at Pat's Kitchen, better is at Sa-Wah-Dee...but it is out aways. Good pizza downtown...Pie Hole on 8th Street...I used to like Guido's...think Pie Hole is better. Mazzah has a decent Gyro...forget the humus...tastes like it is from a can...but Kabobs are good. Sorry to have so little to recommend...many good places have closed...and Boise was never great. Two final good options downtown include Red Feather on 8th..and Gino's on 8th.

        2. I went to Boise this weekend for the first time and I found this thread most useful

          If you have time for it, I'd highly recommend a trip out to Brick 29 in Nampa. I ate there last night and was awfully happy with it. I just wrote a long review at