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Gabriel's Pizza....Where can I get good pizza

moep Sep 1, 2008 02:03 PM

I tried this pizza place when I visited Ottawa and it was the best pizza I have ever tried. The chees was gooie and the crust was perfect. I need to find a place like that here in Toronto. I live in Oshawa and work in Scarborough. Does anyone know of a grat pizza place?


  1. Googs Sep 1, 2008 04:04 PM

    Welcome to Chowhound moep. Sincerely. Glad to be of service.

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    1. re: Googs
      tjr Sep 2, 2008 11:42 AM

      Googs, I'm not sure that is the type of pizza moep is looking for; Gabriel's is an Ottawa/Montreal-style pizza with a sort of sweet, yeasty crust and an enormous amount of cheese. While it's a fairly common style of pizza in Ottawa and Montreal, I don't think I've had anything similar yet in the GTA.

      You can find something similar at Chicago Style Pizza Shack in Hamilton (go for their thinner crusts, not the stuffed/chicago pizzas, but the crust really isn't the same. Unfortunately, this is pretty far from Oshawa/Scarborough.

      1. re: tjr
        Googs Sep 2, 2008 06:17 PM

        I'm familiar with Montreal pizza and how it differs from Toronto pizza.

        1. re: Googs
          moep Sep 4, 2008 08:03 AM

          thanks for the thread googs......I will read over them and hopefully I will be satisfied.....if not next time I am going to Niagra I will checkout Tir's suggestion.....but that is far away.


    2. p
      Pincus Sep 5, 2008 05:19 PM

      Danforth Pizza House has the cheese but not the sweet crust. If you are nearby it couldn't hurt to check, otherwise you might disappoint yourself if nothing but Montreal/Ottawa style pizza will do.

      But it's great old time pizza in its own right.

      Danforth Pizza
      920 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4J1L9, CA

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