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Sep 1, 2008 02:02 PM

Birthday restaurant help

Hi, I'm looking for a place to throw my 21st birthday party. There's a pretty mixed age range, and probably about 10-12 people. I wanted to do tapas or Mexican, but I'm pretty open in terms of food type. I was looking for a small, fun/trendy restaurant with a good atmosphere. I've already done the big Rosa Mexicano and Highline parties, and I wanted to do something a bit more low key and intimate before we head out. I'd even be open to a hookah place that's really funky (but clean!) that we could chill at for a while that serves food. It's important that the restaurant's a little different and a place that we can have fun at but clean and modern too. I wanted to stay in the East Village/LES/West Village area if possible. Help!

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Have you been to Alta? They often do groups and with that size, you can do the "whole shebang" -- one of everything on the menu.

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      I've looked there, yes, but I have a bad nut allergy and a lot of things there seem to have nuts. Thanks so much for your help, though. Any other suggestions?

    2. Mole sounds perfect. It's a small, intimate, and clean mexican restaurant in the LES on Allen St, which also hosts some of the best Mexican in the city. Their Carnitas Burrito Enchilado is soo tastey as are the enchiladas suizas. The salsa they serve with chips is a little underwhelming, but the dishes they offer are fantastic. Highly recommended.

      1. Barrio Chino is the perfect place for this. It is tiny but has one long table that should fit your party, amazing drinks, fun festive food. I've done a couple of parties here and people always love it.

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        1. Any other last minute recs? I'm pretty much open to anything...

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            1. happy birthday!

            2. if you weren't planning on tonight, look into la palapa rockola in the w. village. i've seen the staff connect several large, long tables in the back for parties around your size. the food and drink are good and come in a pretty good range of prices so everyone can choose something within their budget.

          2. Barrio Chino is going to be too small for 12 people, nor would I really call it intimate. If you can reserve a table in the side room at La Esquina, though, the space is very loungey and candlelit and of course trendy.